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What is Trade Coin Club? Presented by Joff Paradise

[Music] we’re going to go into what is trade coin club it’s a membership club that was created to revolutionize the trading market of digital coins we’re very competitive and if this is a actual multi-billion dollar market to which only few have access to until now TCC is developed and special and have a specialized team bringing you the opportunity that most people would never have the option of having because like you said trading is a very complex system and unless you’ve traded a know it and understand it it’s very very difficult to do so now we’ve actually brought in a automated system that has three different types of risk levels along with no skill or little skills and knowing about the trading world in industry that right there that just that paragraph is a phenomenal paragraph if you understand what I’m talking about but let me explain a little bit about what actually is trading it’s a type of negotiation that takes place between the fine in the financial markets it’s using sophisticated technology tools which I said it’s very complex and exchanging securities such as assets or options so for example if you bought a hundred dollars worth of stock of Apple and it’s so you bought it low the object of the game is to buy low and sell high so you sold it if you sell it at 105 you’ve bought $100 shares you’ve sold it at 105 you make a 500 ollar profit we’re using an apple here as as an example but that’s just an example at close of market at the end of the day basically what we’re talking about is a day trading type system because we want our members to be paid daily on their trading and we’re going to talk a little bit more about that here are some of the famous traders that have been out there in the world from George Soros Jesse Livermore James Simmons all these guys are very famous traders of just George they’re made a billion dollars in one day now am I saying don’t take my words in this screw I’m not telling you you can make a billion dollars in one day you have to have money to make money that’s a big that’s the actual fact so keep in mind that could you you bet you could our UI that’s up that’s entirely up to you I can’t tell you whether you will or won’t but I can explain to you that this platform is the very first of its kind that trades on our actual license and we’re licensed and insured brick-and-mortar company that trades on the top 10 crypto currencies of the day using Bitcoin as our anchor coin we pay out in Bitcoin you pay us your membership fees in Bitcoin it’s a beautiful thing there is no reporting there is a report of every day’s trading that goes to you as a receipt of trade and every single cent transaction is receded into your financial extract in your back-office what is trading and what is the history well as most of you know in ancient times if you had corn and I had beans and we I wanted to eat corn and you wanted to eat beans we trade it was bothering we would trade if I had a really neat items fast-forward if I have a really cool car and you have a really neat boat we want to trade it’s bartering we trade today in the stock world and the stock market as you know the floors aren’t crowded like they used to be in the 80s and 90s with people yelling and screaming out numbers buy sell buy sell now most of those people are behind computers like we are today and using the computer agents trading between stock market and the stocks from commodities to Forex from whatever the case may be will the new world and what we’re into today is called digital currency for encrypted currency for sum or cryptocurrency they’re all the same thing digital currency is the new currency it’s a one world currency understand what I’m saying here it is decentralized it is not centralized currency it’s not paper money but the beautiful thing about it if you understand that how this works you can actually take that currency and turn it into any form of currency today which we call term phrase cash out you want to make sure you’re using a coin that you can cash out let me give you a little history about Bitcoin as you know I got into it in the oay 1009 when I started learning about this amazing stuff I thought it was kind of funny I just I really didn’t think much about it but I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time I believe you know I know that most of you are going oh my gosh here’s that that old saying that everybody says you got to be at the right place the right time but you know what even though that might be something that most people say I want to tell you something that’s a fact I mean I’ve been at the wrong place at the wrong time obviously I wouldn’t have died twice spent a year in a wheelchair in a year uh going through speech therapy and doctors telling me that I would never walk and never be able to complete a sentence again and therefore that’s why I told you what I told you in the beginning of this power presentation so bitcoin was born in 2008 is actually about 2007 a guy that actually invented Bitcoin the little story behind the story has never been seen they don’t even know who he is it was invented the actual first blockchain that was ever invented is called the genius block do your history check it out it’s very interesting and if you’re someone that loves history and likes to read like I do you’ll find this very intriguing but bitcoin was actually commercialized in 2009 what I call recognized and in 2010 the very first transaction that they is recorded actual trading of Bitcoin was for a Papa John’s Pizza and they traded that guy 10,000 bitcoins well think about it if Bitcoin Bitcoin as you know right now is teetering around the top of the 900 s and $1000 the actual analysts and forecasters are saying it’ll be 2 3 up to 3 to 5,000 by March and April and up to 10,000 by to the end of 2018 a coin but if you would have bought that pizza for 10,000 coins you would have given that guy 750,000 dollars if the coin was valued at only 750 dollars a coin Wow so if you would have invested $100 six years ago to at this rate if Bitcoin was valued at 750 dollars a coin a simple math math with mathematics 750 thousand dollar value in Bitcoin so bitcoins in 2010 was as low as 10 cents I got in at a dollar 90 a coin I was very fortunate I believe and then Bitcoin in 2016 as actually at one point in time was valued at 750 and as I just said today it’s well up into the tie $900 value right now it actually surpassed gold in the beginning of this year Bitcoin will vary in price it’ll jump up and down sometimes over $100 up to 27% sometimes jump but guess what our platform is so unique that even when Bitcoin goes down you still make money you still make Bitcoin so let’s talk about the types of cryptocurrencies that are out there guys there’s over 2000 crypto currencies out in the world today there are only about 743 some odd currencies today that are actual recognized crypto currency so those are some of the ones that I have I actually I have almost every single one on that screen because it’s called diversification so I figure if I’m trading on the top ten and I own some of those I’m actually making more wouldn’t you agree let’s move on our trading software and this is something that I love because it’s very unique it is one-of-a-kind we’ve spent years of developing this software there’s actually only ten people in the entire United States that know how to program this type of software it is very unique and encrypted we’ve developed a high tech Optimus optimus asian software that trades in crypto currency our traders can upload daily through the system which means a high maintains a high precision of transactions allowing members to gain throughout most of the operations now think of this what I just said even if Bitcoin goes down in value we still make money that’s pretty cool so how do we do it well our trading system is very unique and as you already know I’ve said that numerous times but if you look at those cool little like Space Invader things on the left side of the screen those are the robots those are that those are basically like our computer system and all those they’re at other studying the algorithms and studying it and what our system does is it notices any little movement in the system and when that movement happens our transactions are done in microseconds micro second transaction that is basically humanly impossible for anyone to do something like that what I love is this next sentence that means that our members have a stop-loss button or a risk button allowing them to not jeopardize their Bitcoin so you’re putting your Bitcoin at little to no risk at all how do we do it I’ll give you a quick example dashes you notice was one of those coins that were in the top ten this is just one example this is not any numbers we just pulled these out of the air but we wanted to give you a good little example so if you bought a thousand – four zero point zero one zero Bitcoin which is equivalent in this example eight dollars and you bought that at 431 p.m. today we did our the system did and it turned around five minutes later and sold it and it made about two dollars in us which would be 0.01 three Bitcoin and I like to talk in Bitcoin when I talk dollars it’s a valued amount but Bitcoin goes up and down so sporadically that you need to understand that we need to talk in Bitcoin and not just pounds or dollars or whatever the the centralized currency is that them trading at the amount but for this example I’m using it you’ll see at 8:13 we’d buy again the system buys again then at 9:52 it sells it again makes another profit at the end of the day you’ve made three point six for Bitcoin equivalent in this evaluation of twenty seven hundred and times that by the top ten you kind of get an idea of where we’re coming from and what this market can do and how much real Bitcoin can actually be made so let’s talk about our membership options right quick we do have only three types of memberships that’s all you’re going to ever need that love this part because you can actually start now for not a whole Bitcoin see most people think that you have to have a whole Bitcoin in order to own Bitcoin well you do not you can actually buy a fraction of Bitcoin bitcoin is based on numbers of fraction of numbers so when you look at Bitcoin today you can buy in as an apprentice level at 0.25 Bitcoin up to 0.99 Bitcoin once the system recognizes that you’re over that or you’ve compounded in your trading and you’ve rolled over what you’ve traded every day and it’s system will recognize and upgrade you automatically to a trader position which is one Bitcoin up to four point nine nine Bitcoin or if you start out an apprentice and you say hey Jeff I’d like to add more of my paycheck every week or I’d like to add some money that I got for my birthday whatever the case may be and your system recognizes you’ve come over to one Bitcoin it will upgrade you automatically to trader level why is that important it’s obvious the more money you put in the more money you make back so from four point nine nine Bitcoin you go to five Bitcoin which is senior trade level guys every single person must pay zero point zero five Bitcoin to enjoy all the tools and software that we have to offer I think that’s a very fair price if you figure that up in pounds you figure that up and then you figure that up in dollar bills it’s not that much it’s a one-time fee at this time for your membership I think that’s a very fair any member has the right to cancel their membership at any time but you will pay a 50% penalty fee will be applied to the invested amount and deducted from all the Commission’s received up to date now think about that that is good for you to know as one of our business partners because if everybody pulled out all at once we would have no business left so you want to make sure that we’re still in business we want to make sure that if you’re any fees that are owed or anything that needs to be paid on that you may have in the back office and I’ll tell you those fees in a minute because I like to be very transparent and divulge everything and give you full disclosure so let’s move on here are the membership benefits and this is where we’re going to talk a little bit about a fee also but first let me tell you about the contract so you are in like any investment that you put in or anything that you want to put and we have a contract for eight months so that’s when I talked about if you cancelled your contract this is where you would get if you cashed out and want it out we’re okay with that but you have 50% forfeited because at the bottom of the screen you’ll read every membership pays 25% trading fee for every four months of the total gains of your trading account of your trading account this system is going to trade Monday through Friday compounding all your trades throughout the day if you would like to making liquidations look at liquidations or cashing out available every day okay every contract that makes five times the amount invested obligates you to renew your contract if you are a passive investor you want a passive income I would love to tell you you’ll make five times the amount that you can put in but I doubt that it’s going to happen if you come in at five Bitcoin and you have a year contract if you make twenty-five Bitcoin out of that that’s a phenomenal game so you know I’m not going to grab it numbers or pie-in-the-sky people ask me what’s my ROI baseline investment what’s my baseline on my ROI or return of investment if anybody ever tells you in the end they’re in the trading industry an actual ROI you need to look at them pop them in the back of the head because they’re lying to you there’s no way that you’re going to find out an actual ROI because there are too many variables you cannot get an actual realistic because the trading is all over when it goes down you make money when it goes up you make money we make thousands and thousands upon transactions upon thousands every single minute every single day so it’d be impossible to give you an actual ROI but am I going to tell you you make you’ll make Bitcoin I yeah you can make Bitcoin doing this as an apprentice level you come in at a stoploss or a risk level of 0.35 percent we’ll just normally stop-loss means that I have to stop the loss I don’t see a negative or brackets around that 0.35 that’s pretty phenomenal so does that mean the worst I’ll do on that day if I’m at a low is 0.35% exactly that’s exactly what it means if you’re at a medium risk the worst you’ll do is 0.40% and if you’re at a high risk the worst you’ll have in trading day if we have a really bad trading day which we haven’t so far but if we do the worst you’re going to do is 0.45 percent think about it put the numbers to the math that is not BTC that is percent don’t confuse the two like some people do so now and we’re going to move on so let’s talk we’ve talked about myself we’ve talked about how TCC operates what are what is TCC about currency about how currency operates how what digital currency is to give you an idea in an overview now we’re going to talk about one of the strongest compensation plans that I have ever seen in my life and I’m very proud we wanted to take out all the negatives and put out nothing but positives and how did we do that I think you’ll agree with me after you’ve seen this compensation plan that it is a very not just conference comprehensive but a very in-depth a very strong financial plan for team building and people that love to do referrals now I don’t know about you but I saw a really good movie though their day called the accountant and I really loved that movie and I’m bragging about it still today now I wish the company that made the account would give me a referral fee for every single person that I did that with but I’m sure you can think of right now companies out there that are giving you referral fees and paying you to refer business to them the best form of advertisement is word-of-mouth I’m sure everyone has heard that before so instead of paying for big commercials the best type of commercial is the person that already does what you do and that lets the other people and bring them in direct or indirect and then we’ll talk about the other three that we pay on but a direct referral is what we’re going to talk about first and a direct referral we’re going to pay you ten percent across the board so for every direct referral you bring in your paid ten percent commission up to as an apprentice 0.99 Bitcoin remember after 0.99 Bitcoin you moved to later so we’re going to pay you up to 4.9 Bitcoin as a traitor and then for every referral without limits as a senior trader we’re going to pay you all the time for every single person you bring in without any limit so let’s move on what is the direct referral again that is someone that you actually give your VIP link access to some of you might have already jumped on trade coin club comm and you’re looking for a link you’re looking for a backlog in you won’t see any of that because a trade coin club we are a membership club only and we don’t compete with our members so there is no way for you to get into trade coin club and buy a membership unless you talk to the person that brought you to this actual webinar this live event and said and you ask them hey Jeremy or coach or butt Darrin or how can I actually get that VIP link and they will give it to you and then you can go in and register for free I said the four-letter word fr EE cost you nothing to register get in it and do your due diligence look around the back-office poke around keep in mind that if you don’t pay you don’t play so don’t start loading documents and don’t try to start filling addresses out and getting all of that stuff done because until you’ve bought a membership it’s useless okay so let’s go on what is an indirect referral now we’re going to talk generations here not levels we’re going to talk levels in a few minutes this is a binary system and I in a three by twelve system it’s two different systems so keep in mind that we’re going to talk generations we’re going to pay you as an indirect referral that’s when your your direct referral went out grab somebody raving about this amazing platform like all of us have already we’re in 198 countries we have we opened it December 15th we had our license of 2016 that is just a few days ago less than 60 days ago folks and we turned on the Robo on December 17th of 2016 and we’ve been trading ever since since then we’ve had 60,000 people register and a hundred and ninety-eight countries what do you think that sounds viral sounds like it will go and we’re still in pre-launch we haven’t even launched yet so hold on to your hats and wigs because we’re about to take off so here we go as an indirect referral that means your referral brought someone in you might even not know that person but we’re going to pay you another 10% divided by seven generations how do we do that as an apprentice level you get your second third and fourth generation you get three two and 1% as a trade at a trader level you get three or two two three four five and six generations you get three two and one percent on the rest and as a senior trader which I love this is where I love to come in at as a senior trader you get paid to eight generations deep and you get three two and one on all the way down to eight that’s pretty strong just each one of these alone could make you a fortune I believe but that’s just me so let’s think about team what is a team well you need two people either on your left or right and you need one other person that is three because if you remember I said we have a three by twelve matrix so if you want to if you want to be in that three by twelve matrix you need three people if you want to be just in the binary you just need two people we’re not telling you you have to get three we’re just telling you you should get three because it pays you more money so what is a team well a team consists of two to three people that you brought into TCC once you have those people you’re going to see that at a at an apprentice level we’re going to pay you an extra eight percent up to two Bitcoin at a trader level we’re going to pay you a nine percent more up to ten Bitcoin and as a senior trader we’re going to pay you ten percent more up to fifteen bitcoins a day I slowed down because I really want you to hear that fifteen bitcoins a day that’s when you’ve maxed out your team bonusing at this on this number three level that’s phenomenal that’s just this that doesn’t count you’re ten percent it doesn’t count your other indirect doesn’t count your direct referral this is only on this so think of how much extra the bonuses are paid daily again at the end of the day the smaller amounts is subtracted from the bigger team the bonus has a safety cap what is that you need to understand that we will never pay more than 45% out in bonuses that protects you remember we hold 50% in reserve that’s where your get the 45% we have a pad of 5% that’s protecting you as an investor and protecting your investment guys something that I wanted to tell you really quickly about let me explain something every single person’s account the reason we don’t do duplicated websites is because every single person’s account is a individualized wallet account that means that you have your very own account and you’re not lumped into all into one and then given a website we don’t do that so you have we have what’s called a dual factor authenticity we bounce the signal worldwide so it’s virtually makes it very impossible to hack your security is number one we have 24-hour security human beings watching every single thing going on 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year your security is more important than anything else we have because my I have an investment that’s quite a bit and I want to make sure my investments protected along with yours because my name is on this what’s number four this bonus residual watch off what is that well guys that’s that three by twelve matrix that I was telling you about this is pretty cool so it means that this three by twelve matrix works from top to bottom left to right and if you understand matrixes you’re going to love that part and also if you are in this you have to make a minimum of 0.25 Bitcoin to even be in this system to even be charged you can get in at 2.5 do your trading but to be on this level at number four you have to make point two five Bitcoin or you don’t pay anything so when you look at the left side the screening you see monthly fee that’ll raise an eyebrow remember I’m telling you all the things that you need to know here I think everything that you should know if you look at the bottom of the screen it even says all members who want to participate in this bonus will have to earn at least point two five Bitcoin so if you came in at point two five Bitcoin you got to earn at least two point five Bitcoin in order to participate into this system but also your monthly fee won’t be charged unless you do so apprentice level is zero point zero one five Bitcoin you can do the math on your own it’s just a few dollars trader is zero point zero three zero and then a senior trader is zero point zero four five Bitcoin those aren’t percentages people get them mixed up all the time and I don’t want you to be making that mistake we will pay each and every single person in the matrix zero point zero zero three Bitcoin for each active member apprentice to four levels now we’re talking levels not generations trader up to eight levels and senior up to twelve levels if you look at the twelve levels to the right in the middle of this kind of the screen there if and when I think it’s more win than if you max out this because this is really about timing and we are brand new we’re less than sixty days old we are in pre-launch if you ever had a great time to be as part of something this might be the time you really look into this deeply so if you max this out we’re going to actually open up you another spot so you can have sustainable income now for those of you that’s ever been in a matrix you understand that when you max out your capped that’s it that’s the most you can do guys we’re going to reward you for maxing out we’re not going to penalize you but when you may access system out you’re going to make two thousand three hundred ninety one bitcoins a month yes I said two thousand three hundred ninety-one bitcoins a month at the twelve levels once our system is maxed out we open up you another spot and you can do it all over again and maintain the same 2391 bitcoins that you’re maintaining that’s pretty phenomenal to me the system will automatically accommodate direct and direct spillover members from top to bottom and left to right pretty phenomenal in my book just each one of these by themselves is an amazing to me so let’s talk about now reviewable team bonuses what does that mean what’s a renewable what what how do you renew well you renew two different ways remember your contracts eight and twelve months and apprentice and trader and senior trader that’s when you would renew so if you’re just trading and you’re not referring which you can do and you’re making an income on that and I’ve actually have people that have done spreadsheets and said if I just left my trading in and water for trading right now they’d give me a figure I’m not going to give you pie-in-the-sky numbers because again there’s just too many variables out there for me to give you numbers on and when you got in how much are you compounding if you’re compounding everything how much how much Bitcoin do you have in you know all those make a difference but on a team renewal bonus it’s going to love this every time your team renews we pay you all over again so you get paid every time your team renews so if they’re coming up if you’ve got somebody that came in an apprentice level and they renew eight months later then think of all the people that came in after that and after eight months how much money who’s going to start making every month it’s going to read you every month they’re going to every day they’re going to start renewing every few everything then there’s going to be more people renewing every day a thousand people renew on your team you’re going to get a thousand a thousand Commission’s again look at the left and the yellow twenty-five Bitcoin in the system so that means that if you started at senior trader and you made five times the amount of your membership from your personal referrals that would be twenty-five Bitcoin you made off a five Bitcoin the system will automatically renew your membership and you will be paid all the Commission’s above again so let’s talk about our career plan this is pretty healthy on its own to what is our career plan well this is about cycling and if all of you guys have heard of this terminology before you’ve probably been in some sort of network marketing or MLM type of company I like to say right here that hey guys we have no potions and lotions to sell we have no auto-ship to have to be on every month we have no garage qualifying there is none of that so all the things that I didn’t like about MLM I made sure it wasn’t in this system and my partners did too we were really wanting to make sure that this was just very clean and simple system to understand so cycling you cycle every time you get a coin on each side of your leg in the binary system so each time you get a coin on the right each time you get a coin on the left that’s from 35% of your volume so if you have a person come in at five coins you didn’t make five coins on that side you made 35% of five coins if you have someone coming on the left that has three coins now you’re going to look like me so make sure your legs are going to be balanced don’t make sure make sure your legs aren’t one is longer than the other one like me so you want to make sure that you keep those legs balanced but every time you do cycle the first two cycles you’re going to get a nice little gold pin to wear on your lapel your second time you’re going to get five at five cycles you’re going to get a number two pin showing that you’re cycled at least twice here’s what’s really cool and these are very achievable guys I’ve doing it I’ve got people that are already gone over the cruise so at ten cycles you get a Montblanc pen at fifty cycles you get the cruise that Cruise is going to be right now we have it selected for the Caribbean for our first cruise you’re going to be on the boat with a lot of other TCC people trade coin Club members I hope by the time you get off the boat the captain the crew and everybody else that’s on the boat are now TCC members also we stated a resort here in Belize recently the owner of the resort is now a TCC member when you see this plan and you show it to people it’s pretty much a no-brainer but again I’m not enticing you I’m explaining to you make sure you do your due diligence here at the career plan at level 5 it’s only a hundred cycles what are we going to do for you that’s not just an International Caribbean crew travel we’re going to actually get to know the company what does that mean we’re going to get to go in up to our five storey building you’re going to get to go in and look at the trading look at how it works we’re going to train you on how to do even manual trading we’re going to show you how the system works all the ins and outs give you a lot of really cool information we’ll even let you stream live for your teams and the people there at hundred cycles you’re going to have some fun also because we’re going to give you a couple of days of Fun in the Sun to choose what you want all inclusive all paid for from trade coin Club saying thank you 400 cycles that you’ve done but when you do 200 cycles we’re going to give you the choice of amends or women’s stainless steel Rolex beautiful watch called the Texas Timex from some people let’s go to light you’re going to love this level 7 only 500 cycles you get a brand new Toyota Corolla worth up to 30 BTC will ship it right to your door any color you want and you can pick it up and guys we don’t give one car away we give a car away to every single person that hits 500 cycles every single person that hits 766 750 cycles gets a new brand-new your choice color BMW 320i worth up to 50 Bitcoin here you go at 1500 cycles you get the Cabriolet z4 BMW beautiful car at five thousand cycles and what I say right here you could have stopped right here and I’d be happy this is a beautiful car if you haven’t seen an i8 you have missed the boat this is one of the most beautiful cars and luxury exotics that I’ve ever seen and only five thousand cycles worth up to 350 Bitcoin delivered to you there is a catch you have to drive it for a whole year that’s a part of the marketing we ask that you do drive it for a year at the end of the year don’t give it back do whatever you want with it and we had to top it off and just go to the very tip Duty top at 10,000 cycles you get a Lamborghini hurricane your color your choice worth up to 700 bit coin I hope today that you’ve learned something I hope that I’ve been able to enlighten all of you with our trade coin club platform [Music] my

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