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Trade Coin Club Scam by J. Ryan Conley – Mar. 16, 2017

hello everyone this is Ryan Connolly and I have not been holding off on doing this video for quite a bit of time now and it’s gotten to a breaking point where I found it very important that I publicly announce this because you all mean a lot to me and I want you to know that okay first of all and this is a difficult one for me because there’s a lot of emotions involved here I’ve always worked hard not to bring anyone to any kind of scam at all and here we are today dealing with something that I believe is very well the next secret words I’m going to tell you why I want you guys to know that um yes I did leave one coin back in the day I did leave one coin and they took a lot of money from me and I didn’t really work hard whatsoever to take one coin down if you guys can’t hear if you can hear me please let me know it’s like a concert on this earpiece right now I’m just on my bluetooth okay but here’s the situation is that I’ve been with one coin excuse me with TTC trade coin Club hello Dave can you hear me okay please let me know please let me know okay and I I’ve been with him since day one my father and I we plead down to Belize and we were down there taking a look at the facility we were wined and dined they spoiled us rotten like into any Ponzi scheme would and I feel really bad because I got my father financially involved in this and I feel really bad because I financially got a lot of you guys involved in this and it weighs very very heavily on me because my reputation is important to me and I do my best so I’m going to go ahead and lay it out all on the table we’ll put all the facts on the table for you guys and you guys can hate me or you can love me I don’t let you know it is my intention it is my intention to go ahead and spread cryptocurrency worldwide I appreciate all you guys doing exact same thing so you guys we went down to Belize and we took a look at this facility and we never we never heard we never saw any actual trading taking place okay and just so you know guys I’m going to respond to questions I’m just going to vent first of all I’m will respond to questions right here this video will be uploaded onto YouTube also today FYI okay and so when we were down believes my father and I it was a great trip down there obviously because there’s lots of money flowing in right there right and we’re down there and private islands probably Planes all the stuff going on and they try to convince us that these computers were actually doing Robo trading all the time even though I’ve heard that someone else like there’s a female trader out there that’s actually trading on your behalf you guys this is a complete scam complete scam I want to take you back to the very beginning though when I first met Jacque paradise when I first met Dover Braga I’m like you guys some background let me give you guys some background on who these people are first of all my business partners jovi weeks when it comes to Bitcoin mining and I love Joby he’s a phenomenal guy I like to surround myself with very positive influential people alka my business partner very special and shifting this as well okay we when I first met Josh Josh flashed me I remember exactly where I was John flashed to clan myself a 40 million dollar Bitcoin wallet that he had Photoshop you guys I have proof of this Photoshop the Bitcoin wallet this is from jock Paradise amazes me a man who says that he’s a Christian a man that says that he has died and gone to heaven and come back to save basically all of you guys and feed all the homeless people this guy fabricated a blockchain wallet I did not typically use blockchain back then I was using coin based so I did not know what the font of the characters of the amount that was showing in that blockchain while I did not know if that was right or wrong and I and I didn’t want to believe because I really truly wanted to believe we had something special here I really really did and when I brought this to my business partner because of course I wanted my business partner Joe b-wings to be part of this I I showed him the blockchain while I said this guy tells me he came across like 3040 million dollars and and in Dover had 30 million dollars in in Bitcoin also and that these guys had bought they told us that they had bought Bitcoin in the very beginning just for pennies and then they woke up basically out of a coma was just what was what Jeff had said that he woke up to having millions in his bank account oh I know you guys had witnessed this also on certain things so I’m going to point out a few things when John first when John they lured us in there with flashing humongous humongous numbers are like 40 60 million dollars or so has gone into this company to go ahead and create this but it was all money that they had basically woke them out of comas that they had sitting on millions and millions of dollars okay now what happened was I was a sucker and I got led to believe I I said jaws really what we have we’ve got a trading platform going on and I explained to him that me and my people we were part of numerous opportunities in the crypto space you know we were very passionate about future net we reminding Vic we instill our mining Bitcoin epic Club networks legitimate cryptocurrency opportunities and I was happy I didn’t need another paycheck guys at all I’ve been very content with my income over at future net and bit Club Network which are 100% legitimate companies it breaks my heart to go ahead and break this news to you guys today I mean that so much right now is being weighing on me you probably senior social on Facebook because it’s been eating at me inside so a tie to a point where I had to go ahead and expose this right now and you guys can take my words of wisdom on this and but I’m going to show documented proof of jock paradise fabricating Bitcoin wallets I’m going to show you that they actually fabricated where they showed the Bitcoin going into on this also on the blockchain it shows where you can see I’m not even sure promoter this but Java is trying to convince me that he had 40 million dollars and he puts this money and says and clay Taylor knows about this let me be very clear also about my relationship with clay Taylor right now because I want you guys to know absolutely everything okay and she’s going to badmouth me that’s totally fine but let’s put it this way clay Taylor I let her live free my house for three months down in fight she used my Mercedes Benz which she crashed into the side of my house okay her kids are not in school they have not been school the whole entire time they sit there and play on iPads in in computers all day long with their heads embeddedness and I cannot have my children hang out like this at all because this is the situation and it saddens me to see that children are not being taken care of and part of the educational system I don’t want to get into much the children are not the point here they did the problem is this is there’s a massive scam taking place clay and I moved out after we after we moved out of out of my five home that she paid no rent on whatsoever okay we moved up into the Sammamish home and at that time we it was just kind of like a law of attraction situation excuse me here I got returns today but this dis had this this new house that we got this big ol crypto mansion thing here you know it brought a lot of people into our lives obviously you know you confuse seen the pictures of the money we had made and stuff like that it has allowed us to go ahead and rent a forty six hundred dollar a month house that was fully furnished guys it just got brought into our lives okay I live in a condo now okay because I travel so much I don’t need a big house to be happy or show off or flash yes that was fun it was kind of like the real world or something like that but I want nothing to do with that that is not who I am just because I Drive a nice car just because my kids you know are in gymnastics at horse riding lessons and they got French tutors and all that stuff I’m a good father and you can see on all my stuff and all my children smiling those are real smiles right there okay my children are in school every single day of the week okay so where I’m going with this is that clay chillin I moved into this house up here and all of a sudden her pea family moves in here and I was threatened I was threatened by her dad pounding on his chest in this guy who didn’t have a car coming up here these guys use my car again for another 45 days okay but let’s focus let’s focus on that okay so my point is I took care of clay Taylor as a friend who I thought was a real friend of to me meanwhile I found that she was stabbing me in the back the whole entire time I have witnesses to all that and she’s going to have her own story as well you guys it doesn’t matter if you came to our house and did training if you spent more your time out there yes I’m a recruiter and if you guys think that I’m a lead or not you can choose to follow me or you can choose not to my feelings are not hurt there’s people that I follow like mateus right here I follow him I love my Caggiano Christina Hillier I need to sterling all you guys on this call right now and if you guys want to go ahead and in our friendship just delete me off of Facebook but I want you to know that in my heart I’m watching out for you all okay and I’m going to go ahead and it meanwhile all this morning clay was actually calling my ex-wife calling a Travis diamond calling all these people asking for where I live think about this there’s a reason why I moved out of this house and did not let clay Taylor know where I was going to live so I asked all you guys excuse me our call so I asked all you guys do not tell clay Taylor where I live they’re going to be kicked out of Sammamish so fast as soon as trade coin Club goes down they’re not going to have the funds to do this clay Taylor’s has been promoting T this also other cryptocurrency companies like the billion coin because it you know if you want to buy the billion coin hit me up I’ll sell it to you for 20 cents the coin plate meanwhile has been ripping you guys off and selling it for thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and you know what she was doing her PayPal account was shut down so you know what she did she redirected the funds to come into my wallet over at PayPal and you know what my wallet was shut down and I’m going to tell you this right now if I owe any of you guys money if I owe any of you money I’ve been doing my best I can think of one person right now off the top my head that I owe money to right now and it’s a very small amount 106 to thirty five hundred eighty five dollars I’ll take sure that today if I owe any as you guys money right now I want you to contact me right away and I’m going to read I’m gonna make that right and you guys you know post down below here on this post that Amazings 100% right I’m not running or hiding from absolutely anyone no one but there’s going to be people in this company they’re going to be hiding from law officials now what happened guys was this I’ve been asking and there’s certain people out there that we’ve been asking for actual proof of trading on TCC all right where is the proof guys okay where is the proof and what if I told you even if they had proof of legitimate trading guys you all by promoting us are committing massive massive violations within the US government I know some of you made that your bet your eyes and say you know what I don’t believe in everything that the government says or anything like that you know so I’m going to go ahead and be part of this and stuff like that I believe more in Bitcoin more than fiat currency indices and all this but you know what guys I’ll tell you what there’s people that went to jail there’s people that went to jail for Zeke rewards okay this is going to be bigger than Zeke rewards and we must stop this would be from becoming bigger Dennis and I sincerely apologize I want you guys know I’m going whistleblower status on this I am going whistleblower status on this company right now okay you guys I stand for Bitcoin don’t get it twisted I’m and I stand up for all you guys when this when this shit show goes down right here I’m throwing I’m going straight the government is are even alerted we have turned over computers to the government we have met with legal counsel you guys if you think I’m joking I’m an Eagle Scout I promise you I’m not lying here on my own children we are not lying right here and I will drop names later on there or so show or let these people come to service in this thing but this is real okay now the thing about it is there is no actual crypto currency trading whatsoever you guys were dealing with someone that forged a Bitcoin wallet freaking the stakes thing they had 40 million dollars in our account ja paradise let’s also talk about JA card I count out the fact about his leg where he says it was blown up by an RPG no what wasn’t no it was it was from a car accident let’s talk about him changing his name why would someone change his name I don’t like the fact I have to tell people what is Jay Ryan calm you stand for because every one of my family’s name is John Iten so we all go by our middle name Brian I’m not hiding at all my brother Shawn does John and Irish okay but a person that changes the name to something stupid like JA paradise from what I didn’t know his real name scam artist Jeff Perry I don’t know Pera whatever the point is this is who lies about their name who lies about a Bitcoin wallet who lies about their leg being blown up and you know what I told Jeff Mike this here’s how real this is my father-in-law has diabetes is an alcoholic he had his foot amputated partially in the last three weeks I have documented proof where job says you know what that doesn’t matter it wasn’t your foot imagine if if anyone was supposed to relate in the situation is anyone at heart don’t you think it would be this individual right here let’s go ahead and talk about Dover here okay as well I’m going to tell you how these guys cornered me right here again how they’re going to corner you all so if you guys don’t find yourself in jail being cornered in the first place okay is this is that Dover Dover this guy was terminated from Jeunesse global first of all I had a lot of respect for Dover and he taught me some things such as patience and you know hope you know keeping track of my emotions as I hopefully you guys can see in this picture in this video right now I’m doing my very best there’s a lot of weight on my shoulders right now okay and some of you message me and say well Ryan you didn’t have to go ahead are you serious like you really explained this to you this this message out there and stuff like that you know I’ve got other people call me up and saying you know like these top guys do people over at they’re like oh we’ll call corporate we’ll make things right no no I don’t want anything let me be very clear I want nothing right by criminals I’m going to take this company down I’m going whistleblowers that’s did you know that 130 million dollars was given to the people that took down Zeek Rewards ok did you know that you know what guys I’m going to say this and that you will see this I do not want to simper taking this thing down whatsoever you know what if you choose to go ahead and follow me to something legitimate like huge net that’s totally cool not a problem that’s lame they intend this the first intent is to go ahead and shut this show down okay and you guys the thing about is I’m sorry thank god there’s because the speaker’s not broken off as you can see I got go to cause because my apologies about wanna make sure you guys can hear this so but the point is is that this company here okay this company they cornered me the jaw and Jeff excuse me jaw and Gilbert came up to me and said Ryan you they change all the rules they used to say when we first hopped on all the webinars and stuff that record by Donnie and clay and all this stuff and I lived at the old my old house okay they promoted they told people to go ahead and join future net they told people the job even joined future that he’s still in future net right now okay I have documented proof of all that they changed the rules this is worse than one coin guys because as soon as you they change the rules is that you’re promoting other cryptocurrency company you guys are done with you’re done with you guys have seen that how do you guys had a question about the rules of this company at all how they change you have an issue with that words the money talking to you so loud and clear you just go ahead and you know see no evil hear no evil is out what’s going on I’m sorry you guys wake up right now if that’s the case right now I’m not paying attention let’s see someone says shut up Ryan I’m just going to keep talking and talking so you can just delete me as a friend of block me if you don’t like my words right now because it’s going on YouTube has gone viral it’s going straight to the authorities okay I am going whistleblower status in and I’m working with legal counsel and with certain individuals that is going to go ahead and make sure that the Miz much money possible is returned to you all I want you guys to know that’s my commitment I have to focus on moving forward I do not see any money come from TCC whatsoever anymore I’ve got the document proof that I sign this position over to clay Taylor quite a while ago yeah some of you guys are going to likely hear this video and I appreciate you guys give me a thumbs up and just put yourself in my shoes put yourself in my shoes for a second right now look it look at what I have to go ahead and do right now I’m at a Starbucks people are all around me and I still have to still find myself talking about because my business partner is inside right now okay you guys I this company will be shut down there’s and there is many many violations here of trading with regarding trading and stuff like that we are going to show you all the stuff it’s all being put together the next few hours you’re going to see all the document things I encourage you to bring this your attorneys into your personal attorney and tell them a look at things and see if they properly advise you to move forward because again there were people at Z Krew words that went to jail okay clay Taylor’s taking over my position Taylor once this thing goes down she’s going to be booted out as to manage to thank goodness I am done with her and I hate being negative guys I truly hate being negative this is where I grew up in this beautiful area right here in Bellevue as I practice real estate here for 10 years before I fell in love with online marketing okay so whatever these people say whatever these people say about me guys I don’t care you know I do I do not care I will look in your eyes to get any questions we can talk face-to-face on skype and go over all this okay but I’m letting you know right now that this is the most wicked Ponzi scheme I’ve ever seen a network marketing history in the crypto space the people in one coin people who don’t throw people other companies that prove that about promoting the reason why I got to run out of one coin is because I was standing out for the people I was standing up for the people that were on my team that had no service you know customer service all they were locked other accounts and I went ahead and made a stench out that okay so that’s why I was thrown out of one coin if you have any questions on why I was starting a company you guys think about this at future net we had like 10,000 people there guess who this person was that Stephin working from the CEO ask to go ahead and be the guest speaker after the CEOs foot spoke after the CEO got on stage he chose me okay he chose me so if you have a question about my integrity on things guys and I just spoke to seven Morgan the CEO of future net I just had a call with him okay we’re lining up some big things for everyone for the launch of our Cisco currency okay guys and sorry about the noise okay my point is this I’ve been fully transparent with my position over at future net and I again apologize so much for bringing any of you guys including my own father into trade coin club I’m going to financially make things right because we’re going whistleblower says I want not a single cent from this I want to make sure that my team causes me I can’t take care of everyone and not putting myself at the front of it like someone to go ahead and you know be that you know the captain save a you know MLM or something like that that’s not me I’m not going for social status I’m not going for a single cent here and I promise you guys that but you guys we have to stop promoting this right now all of you guys have seen is post you legally know and are aware what’s going on with trade coin club we are going to bring up all the statutes and everything that they have violated right now when I asked Josh I said with the attending Court excuse me phone calls are pouring in they said Ryan Dover an inch off I’ve got to all recorded okay Dover and Jost corn me and Sid Ryan since you won the Rolex watch first of all out of 70,000 people in our company since you were the first one to run the cruise if you’ve got the Montblanc pen you won that you’re the first one to win a car a Toyota Corolla I want fucking excuse my friends I don’t want to crawl it I got you know I’m fine on that okay but the point is that they made these promises right here my apologies for swearing guys has been like I’m slightly lost here on this so I’m getting blown up and distracted but my apologies my point is this and I’ve got the text as you saw below they said you don’t know they go you didn’t earn anything you guys think about that for the legitimate company and I earn that stuff I guarantee none of you have seen them on belong pen nothing okay and this girl is kicking Claudia quit calling me now I’m in the middle of a call right now okay stop it all right and you guys here’s the deal this party is going down I do not think that job Tara dies because he has fabricated his Bitcoin wallet showing 40 million dollars I do not think that he has any intention whatsoever to come on to the United States complete scam artist I do you’ll see them on tour right now running around and shuffling as much Bitcoin into their pockets as possible right now you’re going to see them keep doing it and you guys honestly like I just I’m concerned about people safety even in the situation there’s a lot of money at stake right here and I’ve seen these guys as behavior and you know immediately this morning clay Taylor’s asking where I live and stuff so heard a little you know psychotic you know family members can come over and like what threaten me and my family my face I do not have time for that and does not a surrounding that I want my children to be around it all right there so I’m done talking badly about those people you guys can go ahead and make your own or informed opinions share they wined and dined you as clay smoke your cigarettes non-stop and smoke a whole bunch of weed while you guys are at the house and stuff like that in all this that’s all right you know but you know if you don’t see through the through these lies that’s totally fine okay you guys my children are four and eight years old you can contact just anyone I mean I don’t care you know it is I am Who I am alright and I just asked do you guys to do is do your own due diligence on this and understand that ask job this and it prove me wrong show me proof of trading okay show me all the things that this makes it completely legal I want to know who the US attorneys are when I asked Jeff Paradise who the US attorneys were in the United States he would not say anything at all he’s like we don’t publicly give that information out how about you give that to the person one that first of all likes watching you’re supposedly not a scam company how about that so they can be arrested searched I could bring that news to all of you that that did not happen right there that did not happen right there okay and that’s why I walked away from it guys you don’t see me walking away from things that often or even going on a public land like this whatsoever you can see it crystal-clear in my eyes right now this has been a massive massive buildup I am done with clay Taylor 100% okay if she may say some things about me you know that’s fine I always worked two ways okay that’s totally fine you guys can lead to believe and do a little balancing act and find out who you want to follow if you want to follow any of us that’s totally fine my commitment is with future net and do big Club Network and launching the future appoint all over at over a fuchsia net I do not need I do not want to partake in any other companies out there whatsoever because I do not ever want this to happen again I do think that this is a learning lesson for all of you guys in the network marketing space if you’re going to be tied to cryptocurrency you guys it’s very very really can be very very real but it can also be very very deceptive and there’s a lot of scams out there okay and back to the same job paradise and then they try to core me and tell me that they had to be that I had to be exclusive because all the readers were wondering then they said I cross-line recruited if someone institution at one person so I don’t even get a warning that they’re going to go ahead and terminate me unless they remove all my future net stuff so you guys are all at jeopardy right now is you pour your Bitcoin into this company into these unknown wallets out there that you’re sending it to okay that supposedly trading is taking place wrong okay that money is going straight to chop and Dover’s wallet and when they pull the plug on this guy’s and go around the world in just off to wherever you know they’ll be found but anyways I’m watching out for all you guys okay the light always shines through the darkness okay and in it job has already already threatened me today saying that he’s going to sue me for slander for the company go for it go for it that will be hilarious right there okay and but they try to make me exclusive with the company is what they did I told them you up no I was not going to I walked away from it I signed a contract over to clay one of our percent over to that to her and you know what guys I am done with this company okay I’m very fearful for any of you guys you saw them change the rules once again and if you’re a part of any other network marketing company crypto space they’re going to let you get to a certain point just like SP Voss and ask different Steve Austin from England Barry but my best friends online I love the guy he was actually given a warning by job also and he can cross line recruiting anyone they go ahead and put these fear tactics in all you okay then you have to worry about all your teams like I have and I do not like this feeling inside me right now there’s thirty five people if you guys that are on this call right now I really appreciate you guys turning out for this just I’m going to end this right now I’m going to answer any questions I’m going to scroll down and stuff and I’m not going to give in get some negative stuff on any of this you know thank you what’s going on did I run I cannot believe you robbed heroes hope the 10% you chose is giving you okay listen to Rob Harris you know what I want to say I’m so disappointed in you Rob Harris I’m so disappointing you Kathy Kean Rob Harris’s hope the 10% that fuchsia is giving you to lead PC was worth it roll for real Rob you’re turning your head to money for real okay so you know what any doubt I’m glad I stopped you from coming in this UK there’s actually going to be there is also going to be just documentation okay so there will be stuff provided not only by me but you’ll see it down below you guys going to wrap it up again no expect clay tiller to go ahead and say some things that’s all good so you guys thank you so much if there’s anything I’m going to give it just one minute here below if you have any questions whatsoever that I can answer I’m not going to take the abuse or anything like that I’m going to delete all you guys that don’t believe me Rob Harris you’re gone brother you’re gone I’m sorry it’s just I cannot believe I’m so disappointing you Kathy keen there’s been numerous people that have been hurt and numerous of the scams all for a buck I’m going long-term with what I do for my children not trustworthy thank you so much and either for seeing that right there you know you know it anyways because I don’t like talking badly about people but people have to be in the where you know what so there’s that guys that’s all I got to say right now but we can have private talks I’m focused on moving forward but definitely felt the need to publish this video thank you so much and if you have any other proof about Josh wise or Dover’s lies on all of this please go ahead and Ford that information we will submit this to law officials no problem we’ve got all our lockdown thank you so much guys and trust me that hurts me to go ahead and do this Oh Kathy oh sorry bad exactly my point thank you so much guys got to run

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