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Trade Coin Club Review Video- Affordable Bitcoin Investment Strategy with Trade Coin Club

hey what’s going on son Terry and Hawkins here the passive income guru want to cut this quick video here give you guys an update on an affordable just now became affordable opportunity uh that you can start investing into cryptocurrency and or big coin all right now the opportunity is called trade coin club I’ve been a part of this opportunity for a few months now and it’s going very very well it is as passive as it gets when it comes to making money online when it comes to cryptocurrency you know mainly bitcoins so I’m going to share my screen real quick and show you guys what this is all about okay so here we go here we go present boom okay so make pull up we go so here’s my back office right here of tray coin club and tray corn cook club guys is a Auto Trader okay it is it is an auto trader dealing with crypto currencies and the company just really launched up this month okay this whole time the last couple of months has been in pre-launch but I joined I joined actually up during the pre-launch phase now usually don’t do that I like to kind of do my due diligence but I I saw enough evidence of the credentials here with the company are the office the trading licenses and everything I sing that stuff and that’s what made me go ahead and take that that step of faith that that investment but usually I step back and I watch and see how the company is going to do I make sure everything is in place and then I’ll pull the trigger now with this this is this TCC was an exception to the rule because I you know did some preliminary work I solve some credentials that I wanted to see I saw the owner heard from the owner and saw licenses and things like that so that really I may be comfortable in investing and then of course I can once I’m comfortable with it and I can share it with the rest of the world okay via the internet now what trade coin club what they do they will they are trading the top ten crypto currencies and you’re able to come in and invest in a package and make a nice return on it on a daily basis now F I’m averaging from my investment okay so right here you see in the middle I have a my my package as a trader totally invested so far is just looking at one Bitcoin and so far total earnings is over three bitcoins so I made I’ve pretty much made my money back and then some and now I’m in profit and uh and not only that I’m earning roughly one percent average per day okay so this right here my trade wallet right here the blue this is going up about 1% per day okay I don’t know where else you can make that you can’t you can make it you can make that in a baked bank is probably want to pay you 1% a year at best but when you can make one percent a day that is pretty good okay so I tell people this I’ll always say dude if you have money if you have excess money in the bank or you just trying to put your money to work for you put it in something that’s going to earn a nice steady of return every single day okay if it’s sitting in the bank is not doing any good alright so putting in you know something putting in your investment into cryptocurrencies I talked about this in my previous video is going to do you a lot of good especially with the rise of Bitcoin so right now Bitcoin let’s see what it’s worth right now let’s see what it’s worth so one to type in Bitcoin become converter converter okay so one Bitcoin is twenty five hundred sixty four dollars and some change one Bitcoin guys so I believe by the end of the year this is going to be well over three thousand dollars so you think of think about like this you come in here you invest in something called trade coin club and you’re earning 1% a day all right now you don’t have to recruit in this opportunity but if you do recruit if you do bring in people you will be rewarded handsomely as you can see here I got some Commission’s here and those go up daily as well okay but you don’t have to bring people in it’s actually easier to bring people in into these type of programs because they’re passive so telling people about this is it’s a no brainer okay but if you don’t want to talk to anyone you don’t want to bother anyone that’s no problem you come in here and steal coming here still grow you grow your income okay so 1% a day and just think if you have that growing for the next three or so months big and Bitcoin goes up your account is going to reflect that and when you decide to withdraw from this you’re you’re going to figure on a benefit you’re going to be in profit you’re going to benefit from the rise of Bitcoin which is a hot commodity right now okay so and I want to let you guys know this before before let me go to where we buy the plants here before to get in trade coin club it was a minimum of 0.3 Bitcoin okay so how much is 0.3 Bitcoin at $769 guys that was the minimum now when I got in this was the 0.3 Bitcoin was around oh man it was like 300 some dollars okay but now since the rise a Bitcoin it made the minimum $769 you know not even a month ago now here’s what the company did they say you know what we want to make it affordable for the masses so they drop down the minimum price the minimum buy-in is 0.01 okay now what you have to do what you have to do is it’s going to actually cost you 0.05 on your first deposit okay so say you want to put in 0.01 all right it’s actually going to cost you 0.05 minimum because your this is the software purchase in order to go ahead and get your your account traded but after that you can invest you know up to whatever you want you know goes all the way to 10 BTC – in Bitcoin which is uh which is the founders pack okay that you could do a sin you trade five Bitcoin I’m right here right now you know and it at the first get apprentice at this one you’re going to get eight is eight month contract so after eight months if you want to continue you need to either be compounding your earnings or you can invest more money okay as a traitor you get a 12 month contract senior Trey to 12 months on up to founder pack twelve months okay so now it’s affordable for the for the mass you don’t you don’t have to pay that 0.3 minimum to get started in Bitcoin now you can pay a minimum 0.01 but initially it’s going to be 0.05 which is still affordable okay so 0.05 BTC 2 USD okay so you’re looking at 128 about 128 not bad guys that’s that’s that’s not even compared to the 769 770 minimum to get started as before so it’s a it’s a great it’s a great thing that the company did because a lot of people were probably looking at that minimum to get into all day I don’t have that right now but now now it’s affordable for the mess so I definitely recommend this program again it’s going it’s been going very smooth out withdrawing from this program numerous times and they they are they they do what they say they’re going to do okay and I haven’t had any complaints guys no complaints at all so forget any questions about this feel free to to get with me now you don’t have to know how to trade here that’s the other good thing every Sunday around 7 8 o’clock Eastern Standard Time or centrist at a time I don’t the only thing you have to do is make sure you turn your trade on ok so so you hit this drop down button right here I always hit high-risk and I keep it on automatic and these will start to turn and what they turn that means that this account is going to approve it’s going to make me money automatically every single day guys passively and that’s what I like I like passive income if I don’t have to recruit I’m still making money those are the type programs are like those are what draws my attention and those were those are the type of programs that I look for all the time ok so I’m going to let this puppet roll I’m already getting profit so I’m just going to let this grow for a while this is going to continue to grow because I do have a team that I’m that I you know brought in and you know and in 30 days or so or or less I can pull out a nice little chunk okay and you know it just continued to build until I could diversify those funds if I want I can you know put it back in in compound whatever you want to do guys use flexible this this platform makes it very very flexible okay so I have training videos I got videos on how to compound I got videos on how to buy your plans and everything I just want to give you guys an update of what’s going on here and how fordable it is now for the average person to come in and start making a nice return 1% a day is phenomenal on your investment okay so hopefully that helped also I wanted to let you guys know about my residual income TV page I’ve had this page fold for a long time alright and you can actually check this page out I advise you to bookmark it but I’m going to put all my programs that I’m involved with are here okay everything I’m involved with is right here on this page okay so you want if you want to know what am i doing just come to this page and you will see okay I put the best I do my best to put the best programs on this page that are that have been good to me and I know they have those who have joined me in some of these programs in those programs that’d be good to them as well okay so I have passive complete passive programs here and I have a little bit of proactive programs here I have a mixture of both because I like to diversify and I like to give people options okay and it’s about multiple streams guys multiple streams of income is what you want to be set up with two to three income streams starting out and this grow it from there this all this didn’t happen overnight it took me a while to build up to this but I’m always diversifying I’m always expanding my portfolio and I’m just showing people how to do the same thing okay so thanks for watching guys if you want to join trade coin club the link to join is below this video if you got questions feel free to reach out to me on Facebook and I’ll be happy to ask your questions okay hope you guys are enjoying it get a lot of you guys are looking at the NBA game I don’t know who’s winning I don’t I don’t look at it no more guys like I used to so alright alright guys so thanks for watching enjoy the rest of your night and/or your day wherever you are in the world if you got questions again reach out to me on Facebook and I’ll be happy to answer your questions okay more videos coming about um you know other passive programs dealing with crypto currencies the other one that I just joined is a Swiss global Swiss go global a very nice company vial you know very uh you know one of the top of the line companies when it comes to this type of investing and I’ll be talking more about that really really soon okay so thanks for watching guys god bless talk to you soon

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