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Trade Coin Club Review – How To Set Trade Risk

hey folks this is Bitcoin Randy with another quick update on trade coin club as many of you guys have realized and even if you haven’t every single week we have to set our trade risk level and that’s just the way the system works I know a lot of us would like to be able to just put our money in set it and forget it and come back in you know a few weeks a few years and look at all the money that we’ve made but it doesn’t work that way we actually have to do take we have to take some kind of action take some kind of measure to set our trade risk in the in the back office so if you log in and you are recognizing that your little wheels here in the lower right hand corner are no longer moving that means it’s time for you to set your risk it may also mean that you forgot to set your risk because you have to do this once a week now here in California okay pacific time zone it’s from 4 p.m. on sunday to 359 p.m. on monday and so you have to just calculate whatever that means for your time zone make sure that you use that 24-hour window to set your trade risk so what that means though folks is you might register for trade coin club on say like a a wednesday okay if you if you register on wednesday you’re gonna have to wait until sunday or monday whenever your time zone whatever time falls into your time zone to set your trade risk so some people I’m finding that they get they get started they get registered and they want to see their trade while it growing from day one well guys you will your trade wallet will not grow until your trade risk is set and since that happens only in a 24-hour window between Sunday and Monday then that’s when you have to set it now once you set it it’s set for the week okay now if you happen to forget to set it then you have to wait till next week if you’re new and you come on board to set the trade wheels here and you can’t do it yet the system will take those days that you between the time you signed up and the time you were you were able to set your initial trade what risk they’ll take those days and turn it and place it on the back end of your contract okay depending on what membership package you signed up at okay so what we’re going to do here is we’re going to go ahead and come over to the lower right hand corner and you’ll see it says select option click on select option I always set mine for high-risk and shazam all of a sudden the little wheels are running again and you’re all set to go right so just make sure that you set that every single week every single week you have to set it now if you um if your if you find that your you’re not receiving daily deposits in your wallet trade then your your wheels are probably not working if you’re not finding if you’re finding that you’re you’re not getting depositing your wallet your trade wallet it could be a weekend okay cuz they don’t trade on saturday and sunday if if maybe you you you were receiving some trade and then all of a sudden you realize wait a minute my trade wallet hasn’t been growing it it means you probably missed your window of opportunity to set your trade you know for that week so just understand that guys so you will always always always make sure that you set your trade risk level every sunday monday depending on your time zone and and make sure that that’s set for you okay just want to share that with you if you need more information about trade coin club or how to register just look at the description low on the description area of this video on youtube okay take care bitcoin Randy I’m out

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