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Trade Coin Club Review- How I Earned Over 1.26 Bitcoins in Less than 30 Days with Trade Coin Club

hey what’s going on my friend i’m carrying hawkins here the passive income guru so well overdue here for a video on trade coin club and wanted to show you my progress so far within a 30 day span now i want to be with this company as you can see about 25 days my account has been traded for 25 days so left them up and I’ve earned well over a bitcoin so far so let’s just see how much did see i’m going to move this over here let’s see how much I’ve earned and we’re going to talk about Trey clone Club we’re going to talk about trade coin club if you’ve been looking for something that you can do passively without having to recruit that’s a lot of people what I found us a lot of people’s dilemma they don’t want to talk to friends and I want to talk to family I can relate to you on that they they want something that can work for them in their sleep and I and to be honest I present a lot of that on my channel on how to do just that how to put your money to work for you while you sleep without bugging friends or family that’s what this channel is mainly about how to how to put everything that you want to do as far as making money on automation that’s the whole point of this channel and to help you become financially free so let’s see how much this is so so far in less than 30 days I’ve learned over $1,500 1548 dollar fifty cents to be exact okay now trade coin club is definitely a winner okay I’m seeing I’m getting more confident every single day with this particular business and when I joined when i joined this particular program the cost of Bitcoin okay one bitcoin was like a little bit under a little bit under a thousand dollars today if i type in bitcoin converter today big coin is worth twelve hundred twenty four dollars and fifty four cents folks so then that’s me no initial that you know that putting your money in something like big horn is going to be very beneficial in this year and for years to come trust me on that you want to put your money in some type of Bitcoin investment program so that your money is working for you now i bet i’ve had people ask me well can I just put my money in my coinbase well you can do that well here’s the deal coinbase is kind of like coinbase is just a wallet to how bitcoins it’s just a wallet to hell bitcoin is kind of like a paypal account but is dealing with bitcoins and granted when a cost if you have bitcoins and your coinbase wallet your your balance will reflect you know the up the ups and downs of Bitcoin okay so if you have a hundred dollars and then USD and bitcoins and in Bitcoin Rises you know a hundred dollars then is going to reflect your account however the key the best strategy is to is to multiply your bitcoins to compound your bitcoins that way you’re going to have more in the long run you see this I mean hopefully that makes sense to you so trade coin club is just one of those programs that’s going to help you do that don’t just let your moneys it but your Bitcoin sitting your Bitcoin wallet okay just going to collect dust over time you may grow a little bit however if you really want to exponentially grow it a vehicle life trade coin club the club is going to help you do that now what does its platform do and I’m getting messages like crazy here what does that mean turn us down what does trade coin a program like trade coin club do they are basically they have today do they trade the top ten currencies crypto currencies every single day now do you have to learn how to do this how to trade know this is completely automated completely hands-free which will make your life a whole lot better a whole lot easy when it comes to making money online maybe you’ve been searching long and hard for a program that can do this for you what this is just one of them that I have I have more like it okay I have more automated programs and you know that will help you to do this okay you just gotta trust and believe that it works and I’ve shown you proof I do these videos to show proof to give you confidence you give you motivation that this stuff really works okay so I don’t do it all the only thing that I do every Sunday which around six seven o’clock my time center Center time you see these wheels right here turning okay right here to the right now that those will be going to stop around six between 6pm central and 7 p.m. central all i have to do is click this drop-down button right here where it says trading risk all i have to do is click that input and select my risk and hit and hit automatic trade work and it’s going to the wheels are going to start earning and every single day the the system is going to pay me based on the you know my trade account okay so right here I have my wallet exchange right here is trading this a mountain right here and once the trade happens it’s going to reflect right here that you see I got some bitcoins in here also have a little bit of commissions as well so the power of compounding I mean talking about this for the last few weeks or so the power of compounding is phenomenal okay for those who understand it will Ernie for those who don’t will pay it you have to take you have to take the opportunity at face value and run with it when I see opportunity I run with it I don’t ask those questions if I don’t understand it right now no worries if i see it i mean i’m in i ask questions later you see it i’m saying so that’s about it folks TRACON class goes so far with the total traitor just trading I’ve heard 0.2 15 and some change here see right this ended in the middle right here did I earn ok so this company guys is phenomenal they have a real office in beliefs this is this is no you know cottage guy you know talking program it is a powerful program that is worldwide and it’s something where you can earn bitcoins bitcoins is very significant because we’re not dealing with paper money see our current currency this is something that’s going to give you value in more more value over time ok now what am i doing for people who join me ok I have a marketing system that I set up a tech sales funnel that I set up to give people more information and you going to want to see that sales funnel when you click the link below to to check out this particular company to get more information ok so you’re going to get the exact same sales funnel that I have going to get that I have some follow up letters that I’m writing so I went ahead of you did and did all the grunt work ok and I’m going to get you into my facebook group where I want to show you how to market this thing and what other platforms are used to market it to not only generate more leads and cash flow but to to build build us up if you decide to do that if you don’t want to you know market this thing that’s fine that’s fine you can just you know put your money in let it work for you compound and go about your business a lot of people would like to do that that’s ok that’s ok alright so for more information click the link below if you got questions you can reach out to me directly on facebook leave me a comment below if you got questions and i look forward to helping you make passive income make passive bitcoins starting today and for many years to come alright so take care god bless talk to you soon

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