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Trade Coin Club explained How to earn with Trade Coin Club TCC

hey guys this is Kip here and today i wanted to do in update video on TCC or trade coin club and i’m just kind of go over the basics of how the site works and how you guys can use it to earn a little bit of extra income online so what trade coin club is is on this is an automated crypto currency trading platform so what that means is they they trade crypto currency for you you just invest and they trade for you five days a week and they earn you a profit every day that they trade for you it’s fully automated you guys don’t know that you don’t need to know anything about trading you don’t have to have any experience and training and you don’t actually have to trade yourself it’s all done for you through the automated system and they’re actually the first licensed automated crypto currency trading platform they are fully licensed and if you can scroll down you can see this is the robot working for me this is them training crypto currencies as we speak they make hundreds if not thousands of trades a day for you five days a week on they don’t trade on the weekends well depending on your time zone for me they trade Sunday through Thursday but depending on your time zones they don’t trade on the weekends it’s always when the market when the trading markets open and it’s open five days a week so what they do is they trade they buy and sell on the top ten crypto currencies each week to earn you guys a profit and you guys can see right down here days of trade remaining so I’ve traded for eight days out of my contract which is one hundred and sixty two days long on that’s eight months the apprentice package that starts at 0.25 Bitcoin on that gives you an eight month contract and then the trader package and the senior trader package the trader package is one Bitcoin to five Bitcoin that gives you a 12 month contract and so doesn’t the senior trader package which is five Bitcoin or above and I’ve ran the numbers you guys can see in eight days of earned point six Bitcoin which is more than just oh it’s actually almost triple my investment so far and I’m I just want to be really clear guys that’s not from my trading only that’s from my trading plus my Commission’s that I’ve earned for building out my team hmm if you guys are into recruiting um this is a really good program it has one of the best affiliate programs on the market right now it has a binary affiliate system and there’s also a bonus matrix mixed in there’s team bonuses um so this is a really great program if you guys are into marketing and into recruiting and building your team on the other hand it’s still a great program if you guys are just into investing and making a passive income you don’t need to refer anybody in order to earn in trade coin club you don’t need to build a team that’s just all bonus Commission’s that you guys can make um so I ran the numbers a little bit and you can see in my exchange wallet which is my trading account this is how much I have trading for me right now I have point three three Bitcoin trading for me and that’s been eight days of trading so almost two full weeks of trading because it’s five days a week and you guys can see that just from the the robot trading for me I’ve already earned 0.025 Bitcoin and I actually did the math on that and it’s just under one its averages right about on one percent a day profit for you so if you guys did come in at the the trader package which is one Bitcoin um you guys would be earning just about point zero one Bitcoin a day which is really good and the other one of the main things that I love about this program is it’s all Bitcoin in Bitcoin out so that means the only payment processors they accept is Bitcoin and you actually invest with Bitcoin and you earn in Bitcoin so that means you can see right up here they always tell you the current rate of Bitcoin as of right now it’s twelve hundred twenty two dollars twenty three cents and the awesome thing about TCC is when Bitcoin goes up in price your earnings go up so if you have one Bitcoin invested mmm you guys will be earning um it would be just about actually excuse me I want to clarify this anything you guys deposit into into the system to trade for you half of your deposit you guys can see right here I’ve deposited 0.66 Bitcoin and half of it would go into your trading account and half of it would go into a reserve account for you and what the reserve account is like I said they offer um really awesome binary bonuses and team bonuses if you guys do recruit so what this Reserve does is it protects um the company because you guys have the option to withdraw your investment at any time um there is a fee I believe it’s a 25% fee if you do withdraw your investment at any time but that’s why they keep half of your deposit in a reserve because they already paid somebody the Commission off of you joining they paid team bonuses off of you joining whether you joined under on the people above them they get team bonuses so they’ve already paid out commissions on your investment so if the case that you do cash owe early and you decide to withdraw your investment on that half that goes into reserve um they would keep that in order to cover the Commission’s that they already paid off on your account um so if you guys did come in in at the one Bitcoin on the trader package you would have 0.5 trading for you that point 5 or 1/2 of your investment would go into the trade account for you um so you guys would be earning just about point zero zero zero five a day yeah I just want to do the math real quick in my head so yeah if you came in at the one Bitcoin price the package the trader package you would be earning just about average point zero zero five Bitcoin a day and the key to this whole program is compounding your earnings by compounding your earnings I mean you’re taking your daily profits and you’re reinvesting them back into your trade account so you have more and we’re trading for you each day and that’s how you really get the most out of TCC and basically any online earning program you’ve got you guys are in but if you use the compound incorrectly in TCC by the end of your contract you would have earned in between three to five times your initial deposit amount so if you guys came in with point one I mean sorry if you came in with one Bitcoin on by the end of your 12-month contract you would have earned anywhere from three to five Bitcoin from that one initial deposit so arm another basic that you guys want to know the first thing if you guys already have a package or if you’re planning on coming in and buying a package you would just go up here to plans and you’d go to buy and I actually made another video I’ll post it in the description box below and it goes step by step on how to sign up and how to deposit into TCC and buy your first package so I’m not going to waste the time in this video I’m not if you guys do need to see that video if you do need to know how to deposit buy your first package just click on the link to the video in the description box below and the next main thing that you guys want to do is you see the gears over here turning this means that my robot is working for me so the first thing you guys want to do when you come in is on this will automatically be set to automatic it’ll stay on automatic and that means it’s automatically trading for you you don’t need to do anything and your bot is trading right down here for you hmm but every every once a week every week and especially when you first come in and buy your package you select your trade risk so what you want to do is you want to come to this drop-down box right here I already selected mine for the week so I can’t actually click it and you guys are going to click you know select low-risk medium risk or high risk I’m a natural risk taker so I’ve been on high risk for my my eight days of trading I keep it at on high risk and I’ve been earning averaging point one a day profit and on what you guys what one main thing that you need to do is every week on Sunday for me at four p.m. to Monday at 4:00 p.m. they give you 24 hours you do need to set your risk each week um if you don’t come on on a Sunday and set your risk you won’t be trading for that week so you won’t be earning profit for that week but you don’t lose anything because your trade days they wouldn’t be moving you would stay at whatever day you left off on and you would just pick up the next week when you come in and set your risk and then your trade days would keep counting um I will go over um actually how to compound your earnings right now I have point one seven seven in my commissions so we’ll just go ahead and combat compound those into my my wallet exchange so that I do have more trading for me and I’m earning more and more every day that’s the name of the game in TCC that’s how you really boost up your earnings so what we would do is we would come up here and click on plans hmm and we will click buy then you can see I’m on the apprentice package right now so it already says completed I’ve deposited point six six and once you guys get up to 0.99 and above you’ll automatically be moved over to the trader package and it will increase to a 12-month plan also your indirect your binary bonuses Omega it opens up to more generation so you can see where three levels deep on the apprentice package and once you get moved up to the trader you go to five levels beep which is really good for the people that do want to promote and do want to market and they they’re really good at building a team like I said this is probably the best program out on the market right now for team building but where we’re going to be compounding our earnings so let’s just go to back to my dashboard real quick and we’re going to compound what I have in my commission balance right now so I’m just going to highlight this and I’m going to copy this number and then we go up here to plans and we go to buy plan and then we’re just going to taste in this amount that we just copied from my commission balance well apparently copy paste doesn’t work so let’s just go back up to my dashboard let’s pull up the calculator and I can enter this number which is zero point one seven seven eight one four to zero and we’re going to go to buy plans and then we’re just going to enter that value below right here where it says enter value which is pulling on zero point one seven seven eight one four zero zero point one seven seven eight one four two zero and then we’re going to generate a hash and click generate a sh and then we’re going to copy this hash that they just provided us then we’re going to go back up here to financial and we’re going to go to pay hash and this is how you compound your earnings to earn more each day guys so we’re just going to paste in the hash that they just provided us and you can see this this deposit amount of this hash that we just created is for the same amount in my Commission balance you guys if you do have funds in your trade wallet and your Commission balance you’re just going to want to add them up on the calculator you would add these two numbers together and then you’d get your total and that’s what you would create your hash for generate your hash for so you can see this is a my generated attached just for what’s in my Commission balance because that’s what I’m going to compound today so then we just come under here right under Commission’s and we put in zero point one seven seven eight one four two zero and then you guys just want to make sure that this number matches this number that you generated right up here so zero point one seven seven eight one four two zero 0.177 eat one for 200 and then we’re going to go okay and then you’re going to put in your X Pass which would be on your login password unless you guys changed it and then the token what you guys do is you click token and it’s going to send you an email it’s going to send you an email with that token number you can see right here um this is the token number that they provided you want to copy with no spaces from our back we go back to our trade coin club and we just paste in that token that they gave us and then we pay and you can see successful payment and then if we go back through our dashboard on now my total deposit is 0.8 for Bitcoin so I’m on my way to the trader package and what I have trading for me is 0.42 Bitcoin so now on a daily basis I’m going to be earning point 0 for 2 Bitcoin a day like I said it averages right around 1% a day and another thing that you guys are going to want to know is on you want to scroll down and when you’re new to TCC um these all won’t be filled out so you’re going to buy your package would be the first thing you’re going to go to your profile and you’re going to enter your address and then you need to send a document what they mean by that is you need to send any government-issued ID that you have with your picture your name and your address on it and you just want to hold it next to your face and take a selfie and send that in so they can verify that you are who you say you are um which is a really good thing in my opinion because um that’s kind of what differentiates a real business online from a fake business online they don’t want just anybody using and abusing the system they want to know who their customers are and make sure they’re real arm real life people out there and then the fourth step that you’re going to do is going to enter your Bitcoin wallet where you’re going to receive your with Charles when you do withdraw from TCC and you guys can’t make a withdrawal until you have your documents verified so you just want to do this as soon as possible take a picture with your ID and upload it to them it’s super easy and straightforward and you guys just want to get everything active and once you do these four steps then your account will be totally active to go over the binary package um you can see there’s the binary network and then there’s a bonus matrix and there’s also some qualification plans we can earn some real crazy bonuses but you guys can see I’ve already earned point six Bitcoin and only point zero to five was from my trading which is totally passive income every day and the rest of that was from commissions from me building a team and if you guys think that I have a big team I actually don’t that’s how good the bonuses are you can see that I only have ten people in my team so far so I’ve been promoting for eight days and I haven’t even been promoting that hard and you can already see the potential just from ten direct referrals or ten people that I signed up and brought into my team you can see that I’ve already made some really good bonuses that’s why I say it’s probably the number one program right now to market yourself with and to pass on to other people because you can make some really really good commissions and bonuses off TCC oh my god though it’s totally unnecessary to refer or recruit anybody on the system will still earn you a good profit without referring or recruiting or signing up anybody underneath you you will get paid from trading every single day five days a week while the markets open and it’s complete completely passive you don’t have to do anything other than sign in once a week and make sure to select your trade risk and make sure your gears are turning if your gears are turning that means your robot will be trading for you that week and earning your profit um the other thing I did want to tell you guys is there is an official Facebook group but it is a closed group so if you guys do want to get involved in TCC if you did sign up under me if you’re thinking about it anything like that just shoot me a message on facebook this is my profile this is me on Facebook so you know who you’re contacting and just shoot me a message and I can add you to the TCC Facebook group um this is where you get a lot of updates this is where they show we’re actually still in pre-launch right now we won’t be officially launched for another month and a half almost two months and you can see right now they’re actually traveling to a new country combines two countries every week and they’re doing live events and they’re trying to spread the word about TCC and what a great program it is so this is where you get all your updates for the program is where you get all the information and if you have a question or anything like that this is where you can reach out it’s a great group of people they’re all here to help so if you guys are involved in TCC I highly suggest you message me on Facebook I’ll leave my facebook link below in the description box and I can add you to the TCC Facebook group um that’s about it for this video guys I just want to do a quick update show you my progress and kind of explain how the system works I think the system is going to be probably one of the number one earners in 2017 like I said we’re already in Fremont we’re in pretty much right now and already it’s gaining a lot of momentum a lot of people are getting involved in CCC and some of the top marketers and top online earners are actually getting involved in TCC because they see the potential here so if you guys do want to get involved I’ll leave the the link in the description box below and like I said just reach out to me on Facebook let me know you saw one of my videos or you met me online or anything like that let me know how you came across this and I can help out any way I can answer your questions anything I can do to help and I can add you to the Facebook group because you really want to be a part of this group if you’re involved in TCC so that’s it guys um I hope you liked the video I hope it helps explain some things and if you did just give me a thumbs up or subscribe to my channel I’ll keep the videos coming and I’ll see you in the next video guys have a good night

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