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TCC How to deposit in Trade Coin Club

: on guys this is Kip here again and on today I just want to make a video showing how to make a deposit or how to add funds into your TCC account or your trade coin club account also we’re just going to go ahead and log in to our account just won’t be answering the CAPTCHA and you guys will notice when you first sign up you can log into your back dashboard or your account but you won’t be able to actually access any of the features or any of the tools um you can’t access any of them until you make your first deposit and you can see if I just try to click any um it won’t give me this message to access my back office I need to actually activate a plan so you guys won’t be able to click anything or use any of the features or update your profile or anything like that until you actually activate a plan you guys can see I haven’t activated my plan yet um I’m just getting ready to now and I just want to record it so everyone can see um and make a little tutorial tutorial for you guys on how to do it and I’m actually going to be starting with the apprentice plan so I’m going to start with 0.25 Bitcoin just to test the waters and make sure I like the program before I add more and you will notice there is our membership fee and it’s a point zero five membership fee so I’m going to be the closet a point zero or so I guys point three Bitcoin and it will actually only give me 0.25 in my account because it’s going to deduct the point zero five see the membership fee so we’re just going to go ahead and put zero point three oh and we’re going to generate a hash this is how we generate the payment page you see payment solicitation 0.30 generate a sh and it should give us yeah you can see the payment page so this is the Bitcoin address that we’re going to be sending to and this is the amount we’re going to be sending points three Bitcoin and it actually gives you a little bit over ten days to make your deposit once you generate a hash if you guys like are you sure you real quick on my cell phone the quickest easiest ways to make a Bitcoin payment into any program um I use blockchain myself let me just sign in real quick um you can see this big QR code right here that’s this guy right here you can actually any Bitcoin wallet that you guys have the app for on you can see I’m signed in to my blockchain account and then up here in the corner I’m sorry goes up here in the corner you see the little QR button you just click this QR button and it pulls up the camera on your phone and you can just scan the QR code um right here on your screen and it will fill everything else for you in your phone um it will tell you it’ll put in a Bitcoin address that you’re sending to and how much you put in that you want to send so we already entered point three so it would fill out everything for me and then I just go ahead and hit Send um but just for the video for the tutorial I’m just going to show you guys how to send from my blockchain I’m right here on the laptop so what we would do is we’re going to copy the Bitcoin address that they telling us to send our deposit to come into our blockchain and we hit send and then we paste in our Bitcoin address and guys anytime I tell everybody any time I’m making a payment anywhere while I’m sending Bitcoin anywhere I actually double check so I make sure to check the first four and the last four letters so B 1 u n 4 and 3 p.m. P just to make sure we’re sending to one u n for 3 p.m. P I just always like to double check for for my own reasons I guess just for my safety I want to make sure um I actually do know somebody that just got a virus recently where it will actually when you copy and paste a Bitcoin address it will change it on you when you paste it so you would copy this address and taste it to send from your wallet and it would actually change it to a different bitcoin address and that’s how they steal your Bitcoin but just so you guys know on this little tip I give to everybody is when you’re making a Bitcoin payment just always double-check the address that you paste it and make sure it’s correct so we already pasted the address and we’re going to send point three Bitcoin so you’ll next up sending point three Bitcoin and going ahead and it’s in okay buddy right back up good boy so you can see we just sent it’s being confirmed click confirm payment and our order is under review um like I said guys this is my first time making a payment um I believe it’s under review just until it’s um it clears and it confirms and we’re not tending anymore um so I’ll pause the video and then I’ll restart it again um after it confirms and after everything cleared I so I’ll be back in a minute guys alright guys so I’m already back um I need to keep track of the time but if you if you’re watching the video obviously you can see the time right here is only like five minutes I was actually really fast and you can see I just reloaded my page and it says right here total not deposited 0.25 so that meant that my payment went through within about five minutes and now I can actually access everything in my account and the first thing that you guys want to do is actually come over here and set your risk so you want to keep this as automatic this is your trading bot or your trading robot so the first thing you want to do once you make your deposit and actually get in your back office is you want to set your risk you can see this three options let me just move my screen real quick so I guess this three options is low risk medium risk and high risk I set mine to high personally I like to gamble but you want to set your risk and then refresh your page and then you can see your gears are turning you want to make sure all your gears are always turning guys this means that the bot is trading for you and you can see they already have trades open and going so that’s it guys we made our first deposit on you guys for along for the ride it was super easy you guys saw how easy was my first time doing it super self-explanatory and user-friendly so that’s a good thing so I hope you guys liked the video I hope it helped I hope to show you guys how to make your first deposit and I’ll see you guys in the next video have a good night guys [Music]

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