Zero to Hero in Eight Months with Bitcoin … Here´s How …

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When I saw one of my long time Facebook friends Jon Tetreault posting about buying a brand new truck I thought, hey, good for you! … then I saw another post from Jon saying that he and his lovely wife were buying their first house … then another post showing family pictures at Disney … I thought Jon must have won the lottery! Little did I know that this humble carpenter had actually been convinced […]

Trade Coin Club Review – Total Scam or Ground Breaking Investment opportunity?

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what’s up this is Ryan and in this somewhat controversial review video I’m going to be talking about trade coin club okay so this is going to be my trade at coin club review I’m going to get in some details on whether or not this is a legitimate investment opportunity or whether or not is a Ponzi scheme as some people are claiming online okay so before I get to the review video I […]