STEP 1> Open A Wallet

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what is a bitcoin wallet

Before you invest in Bitcoin, you’re going to need a bitcoin wallet so that you can send and receive Bitcoin. What is a Bitcoin Wallet? How does it work? Where do you get one? Which wallet is best for you? … find out here… What is a Bitcoin Wallet ?     Here´s the good bit. Even though experts agree that one day soon EVERYONE will have a bitcoin wallet, right now many of them […]

Best Bitcoin Wallets For 2016

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in this short video I want to talk about my current recommendations for a Bitcoin wallet relevant to mid 2016 bitcoin is a fast changing arena and therefore regular updates are a good idea because you never know what’s new on the market and what’s being proven to be good over time now when I talk about Bitcoin wallet I’m only going to refer to Bitcoin wallets where you control the private key in other […]