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NEW!! FAQ’s From TCC | Trade Coin Club Frequently Asked Questions

so we are recording okay here we go welcome guys this is your FAQ training all right so I’m going to go ahead and share my screen here we’re going to get this started if anything is not working anybody who’s in the vicinity feel free to shout at the top of your lungs and let me know okay all right so where do you get the FAQ guys well you go to support and you go to FAQ is very simple to find them so we’re going to go through these one by one how long does it take to activate my account if you click that it’s going to tell you 24 hours guys so make sure you give it tell people to give it the full 24 hours before they ask or inquire a lot of people will send Bitcoin and within 3 hours though they’ll start asking why hasn’t it gone through yet the simple answer I’d give them was have you given it the 24 hours yet and a lot of times they say no so make sure we ask people that given it 24 hours alright this question is a little confusing and some of the questions because of the translation guys aren’t going to be the most well stated so what we’ll do on our getting started page or on our support page is will have these FAQ typed up in a little bit more clearer English and whatever other languages we decide to put our page into so we want to have good translations once we start moving forward you know people get really upset I had somebody send me an angry email the other day because they told me that the FA cues were worthless and I asked them you know have you gone through the epic use in the getting started page because I typed those out I like to think my English is pretty good and they did not go through those so you know again if we the more this more simpler we can make it for people in the beginning the less that we’re going to have to deal with and with them getting upset and this that and the other of course we can’t we can’t stop that completely because let’s just be honest some people just like to get upset that’s what they do for a living all right so I paid the hash less amount my account not active what need to do sounds like perfect English to me well let’s clean it up a little bit so I paid less than the hash how amount that I did I generated my account is not active what should I do right so basically what that means is I sent less Bitcoin then I was supposed to send a lot of times that happens because the blockchain takes out fees they take it out on the the sender side if this happens guys it’s not going to be a big deal the system will go to the the section here and let me just show you if you go to plans and buy that’s where you generate a hash right in order to send Bitcoin into the exchange right here they’ll give you a message and the message will tell you what you still owe so it’s really not that hard that’s if somebody delivers a pizza and it’s $25 for the pizza and I give them 24 dollars and 74 cents they’re going to tell me sorry I can’t deliver your pizza you haven’t given me the correct amount same thing with with TCC right if they you have a $2,500 or 25 Bitcoin hash that you generate and you only send them 24 point nine nine eight seven Bitcoin you did not pay enough for the Bitcoin so the system is not going to recognize that payment in full and they’re going to tell you right here that you owe a difference so all we have to do to fix that guys is have them send the difference that’s all let me go back here so tell them to send the difference and the other thing we recommend that if you’re taking notes is to have people use the blockchain info wallet okay so blockchain info I’ve been having a lot of problems with coinbase there’s some sort of divergent payment that issue that’s going on and I don’t understand it so let’s use blockchain that info for the time being that’s the best wallet to use when you’re taking Bitcoin and sending it inside of TCC another common problem related to this right here guys is people go in and they go to plans and buy right and then come down here and they go know what I want to do five hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin so I’m going to go ahead and put in five hundred and generate the hash well right there we see right it’s telling you right here BTC it’s not saying USD or Euros or yuan right we don’t take any of those fiat currencies it’s asking me to put in the Bitcoin amount so people are making this mistake right and as usual they’re blaming the system they’re saying well why didn’t it work or they recognized it and they get really really upset about it but this is honestly one of the easiest fixes in the back-office so let’s just go ahead and make the mistake for them right so it’s like oh no I generated a hash I meant to do it for five hundred dollars but I did five hundred Bitcoin okay so all they have to do in this situation it even gives you a button here now which I really love because it says right here to cancel this hash go to hash history menu and click cancel so you don’t even have to go up there you can just click this button or you can go through the menu which it’s right here you go to financial hash history and you’ll see it right there at the top guys all you have to do is click cancel hash you get a redo Mario three lives it’s all over you can start over from the beginning of the level you’re good to go all right moving right along let me make sure we don’t have any questions here I don’t think we do okay okay let’s keep this thing moving so I made a payment more than 24 hours but my account isn’t active ok so it’s telling you some some easy things you can check on first of all you can do your own your own problem solving so it says you know check if you have press confirm payment right very very common people don’t hit the confirm payment button sometimes that’s an issue and then it says is check by accident if you haven’t if you press cancel hash a lot of people will cancel to ash they don’t even realize it and then check if you paid your hash on time because all hashes are valid only for 48 hours after that they will expire so some people will generate a hash and then they won’t send the Bitcoin for more than 48 hours later guess what happens the hash expires okay so those are look at that sooner that’s pretty clear English so I wouldn’t say that that’s photon quote worthless as the gentleman who sent me the angry email told me but I think that’s pretty easy to understand personally but still you know we will clean it up for the new way earners page okay but for now that’s pretty self-explanatory a lot of times guys there’s another thing that they do is instead of going to plans and by they’ll go to plans and deposit funds so let me just show you where that’s at in another screen here and the screen looks very similar so people don’t understand that they’re in the wrong spot so they’re trying to get Bitcoin into their exchange but they’re going to this area and they’re putting the they’re generating the last year and then when they go back they’re going to plans and buy and they’re confirming payment or they’re looking for the Asch and they can’t find it so they get all upset because they don’t realize that they generated the hash in the wrong spot little quiz for you guys when you go to plans and deposit funds what is this function for where does this send Bitcoin since you guys can’t speak I’ll just tell you I know you guys know but essentially where that is is it’s allowing you to send Bitcoin is into the funds wallet greater the funds laws that’s why you would go to plans and deposit right what’s the funds wallet for it’s just a storage wallet so it’s a place you can keep Bitcoin so that way you can help other people pay their hashes etc all right so let’s keep moving on here third question can I use my back-office Commission’s to activate another person’s account yes you can very simple please see the video in the getting started page on how to pay other members hashes again that video is how to pay other members hashes okay and I think that’s it for this section right on right on let me make sure we don’t have any um any questions here okay good to go alright guys so next one let’s go over to upgrades so this question says can I make an upgrade yes any time until you made three times of actual amount of initial deposit I have literally gotten this question about three times I have that question five times since I’ve gotten back from Asia okay which makes me realize that people a lot of people don’t understand this whole five times thing all right so if I can move this I don’t know if I can I don’t think I can just I’m going to bring up the getting started page here all right so in our getting started page which is new way our nurse comm forward slash getting started if you scroll down to the bottom of this I have an FAQ section here as well and there is a question I have to find it but it might be in the full the five times video but why can’t I compound either your trade while it is negative where you are attempting generate a hash or below the minimum amount another time another issue that we’re having is that you’ve already made three times your total deposited so the best video to look at to explain this is five times gains contract renewal explain this video shows you what happens along the way when you get to five times you’re going to reinvest but when you get to three times so let me show you what that actually means notice right here that there’s a barometer in your back office okay so it’s telling you right here that your total deposited is 1.25 now I don’t know where the normally it says how many times you’ve made how many more times the positive you’ve made or what fraction of that you’ve already made but basically when you get to six point two two right which is which is basically five times the value of what you have deposited and again what we’re talking about is is this amount right what’s the positive total amount deposited one point two four five six okay so once you get to five times that you have to reinvest and this is going to be more applicable to big marketers like Jay and Justin and all you guys out there that are that are building teams this is who this is going to apply to because you’re going to get to that point where your you are making 500 percent on what you deposited okay but along the way you’re going to get to three times right so three times of what this would be would be 3.75 right 1.25 times 3 3.75 easy math so when you get to 3.75 what’s going to happen you’re not going to be able to go to plans by and then generate a hash for yourself but you can do everything else guys you can do withdraws you can pay hashes for downlines all that other stuff you can do they’re just not going to allow you to continue compounding why is this well it’s a way for them to make sure people don’t cheat the system because if you’re building a big network you could easily just keep putting Bitcoin into the platform and then you wouldn’t be giving the company any profits right you could keep putting enough into the exchange just to keep you outside of the range of paying that five times reinvest without giving the company any profits so that’s why they’re basically putting this feature in there so that way if you are building and you are building a network and you’re making good Bitcoin you know the company is going to make sure they get theirs because you’re using their platform their system their Autotrader everything that you get through you’re using right it’s something that they created so it’s a pay-to-play type feature where they’re making sure that you you are going to be paying that amount all right cool so let’s go to update keys again covered us if I earn over three times the amount invested can I can I upgrade we didn’t cover this specifically but so that the question is the answer to that my understanding would be no right you can’t upgrade right because how do you upgrade well you need to compound essentially not compound but you need to generate a hash just like as if you were compounding and then add more Bitcoin to your exchange either through compounding or through adding outside outside Bitcoin so if you can’t if you can’t generate a hash internally right to put more Bitcoin into your exchange remember every time you generate a hash guys inside of your account you’re basically requesting to put more Bitcoin into your exchange when somebody else generates a hash inside of their account they are requesting to put more Bitcoin inside of their exchange we as upline have the option to help other people pay their hashes downline using one of our wallets so that’s kind of how that breakdown works so the answer is obviously no right because you can’t you can’t do that internally so if you can’t put Bitcoin into your own exchange after you make three times your deposited well then you can’t upgrade because in order to upgrade you have to put Bitcoin into your exchange how much can I upgrade you guys can upgrade as much as you want there’s no limit to that if you have five bitcoins in there and you want to upgrade and put in twenty bitcoins that’s up to you how long do upgrades take again this is going to be very similar to before same thing 24 hours okay just like if you were starting your new account make sure you give it 24 hours be patient because sometimes it does take a little longer we have abs and close with this network we have abs and flows with the system as well sometimes it does take longer when I reinvest my trade bonus extend my license so again not the best most comprehensive all sentence but what it’s saying is that when I reinvest right when I take my trade bonus well where’s the trade bonus like where is your trade going when you make profits from your from your trading where does that it goes into the trade wallet right so that’s where they’re talking about okay and they’re saying the question is when I reinvest my trade bonus extend my license so what they’re saying is basically guys very very simple we have three levels in here we have the apprentice the trader and the senior trader okay the only time this is really going to be applicable is if you are an apprentice if you’re starting at anywhere between that 0.06 and 0.30 I’m sorry and zero and yeah sorry one Bitcoin point nine nine you’re going to have two cycles that are basically in effect cycle one is going to be eighty four eighty six days in cycle two is going to be eighty six days okay when you upgrade when you get to the point where you reach that one Bitcoin in your exchange right they have one Bitcoin all of a sudden what you’re going to see happen is that this third cycle over here is going to open up okay so now you have three you had three cycles and that’s as simple as it is so it doesn’t change this sixty-four number right it doesn’t make that different it just simply adds that third cycle what does one cycle mean it means four months essentially four months of trading so four months eight months and twelve months so that makes sense right because the apprentice is eight months so eight months is one two cycles and the trader and senior trader is a full year twelve months so one two three three times four months is twelve months you didn’t know you’re going to be getting a math lesson did you all right so I did an upgrade then didn’t receive my trade bonus why okay this is actually a really good question guys some of you may not have known this so let’s just go through this right here but I didn’t I didn’t upgrade then I didn’t receive my trade bonus why well here’s the answer after every upgrade in your account the trade robot stops because you guys know that the trade robot stops then it returns after 24 hours with a new amount so if the trade robot stops and I’ll add something else to this and it doesn’t make a huge difference as to whether or not you compound daily or once a week when do you guys think might be the best time for compounding the weekends right everybody’s so worried about compounding every day they have a minor panic attack if they miss 24 hours we’ve done the math we run the numbers guys it doesn’t make that much of a difference at the end of the year if you compound daily or once a week and if it’s stopping your robot for 24 hours well then I think we should probably make it our go-to standard method of operation here that people just just compound on the weekends right pretty easy then we can take that nice lot that nice amount that we made during the week and roll it back in if people want to you know compound during that during the weekday that’s fine but just make sure that they’re keeping an eye on it that is they are upgrading right if they are upgrading if they’re in the in the in the range where the next time they compound it’s going to put them up to that trader level well then they should probably wait until the weekend so people can upgrade or they can compound every single day but what I’m telling you is just let’s make sure people know it’s not that big of a deal but they just do it on the weekends and it will also say it save them the trouble if they are eligible for an upgrade and they do hit that next level in the exchange it’s not going to affect that so you know it said whatever each person wants to do is up to them but I’m just kind of letting you guys know what this means here okay pretty easy stuff no questions so far cool awesome all right so that’s that we’re moving right along guys this is pretty easy you’d be surprised how fast we get this done okay so reinvestments can i reinvest my trade bonus ready for this answer yes okay next one what is the minimum amount accumulated to reinvest we’ll pop quiz for all you veterans out there the minimum amount is point zero zero three okay there it is right there I passed the quiz point zero zero three BTC so if somebody comes in as an apprentice they turn on their trade all of a sudden they get their amount of whatever’s in there their trade wallet and they try to compound and they’re calling you up I’m doing it right man I’m watching the video I swear first thing I want to ask them how much are you trying to reinvest how much are you trying to put back in there and when they tell you it’s point zero zero one six three four two then you know the answer right there there’s not enough for them to compound with okay all right easy easy let’s move along that sections done reinvestments all right document upload how long does it take to validate my dots this is going to be 72 hours last I checked yep there it is so again this is very important to you guys how long does it take to validate my documents when you’re going in there and you’re going to appear to the profile right my profile and you’ll notice that you know this person hasn’t yet submitted a document okay so they go to send a document and they go down here to documents and they they basically upload this you’ll notice that doesn’t look like this person’s was approved but anyways basically it’s going to take 72 business hours so if they send it on a Saturday and it’s Tuesday and they’re coming and they’re asking you why isn’t my document approved well it’s very easy because it hasn’t been 72 business hours so we have a question let me take a look chat box is open okay cool yeah you guys can ask questions on the chat box no problem awesome so 72 business hours write a business hour Monday through Friday alright let’s go to the next one here well this basically just says here are some tips to make it faster so I think that’s pretty cool let’s check out these tips together make sure it’s a selfie holding your document beside your face on this picture the document should be clear and readable so one of the things I tell people is you know have somebody else take the picture the the ID or the passport whatever it is should be next to your face and a little bit in front of your face that’s what I tell people like just for the right or left and a little bit in front and when somebody’s taking the picture make sure they they make sure that idea is easy to read or else they will deny it alrighty alright that’s done let’s go to withdraw guys we’re already almost halfway through so good job alright let’s go to the withdraw section I don’t think there’s more in here but let’s just open it up just in case alright withdrawing right very very important section because people want to take their money out they want to take their Bitcoin out so how long is the withdrawal process take again this is this is how long it should take you know sometimes it takes longer but what is telling you here is that our system makes for automatically payment payments every day the system average is less than 24 hours to send BTC to your wallet okay so there it is 24 hours guys plus blockchain confirmation time plus blockchain confirmation time so if your if you open up your your email right and you have an article and it’s saying blockchain time slows transactions take two or three days because there’s all sorts of volume coming in then if you’re making a withdraw and it doesn’t come through in 24 hours there’s a possibility it could be related to the blockchain right because they also have to transfer they also have to take Bitcoin from what one wallet and send it to your wallet so just because it says 24 hours doesn’t mean that that includes the blockchain a lot times but the blockchain lag time okay so the patient is what I just tell people just just be patient they send you an email as soon as it’s done they send you an email saying it’s been confirmed and then normally a few hours after that you’ll see it inside your wallet all right excellent I try to withdraw but it appears the message to request withdrawal necessary that it has address filled okay again confusing yes worthless no because that can understand this question it’s just saying that you haven’t filled out the appropriate information you haven’t activated your account and just like this person’s account is not activated it doesn’t mean they can’t trade it doesn’t mean they can’t build a team it doesn’t mean they can’t earn commissions all it’s saying is that their account isn’t active so it’s not completed in terms of filling out these four sections they bought a package okay they entered their address that’s great they did not upload the correct kose document yet they didn’t do that they did not attach a bitcoin wallet to their account yet once they do these four steps then the fifth little bubble here is just telling you that you’re done your your account is completely filled just like if we open up a Facebook or a LinkedIn account and they tell you they always put that right in your face your account is 80% complete right they always tell you because they want they want all your information so that’s the same thing that this is saying it’s just simply saying you haven’t completed this if you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet attached to your account you can’t make a withdrawal right if you don’t send your documents well you can’t make a withdrawal so you have to have all these steps completed we got a question here power of four Thank You Justin all right so go back here is there a minimum amount for withdrawal good question and there’s the answer it’s point zero three okay so a point zero three is the minimum for withdrawal I know some people really they really want to get out that 50 bucks they can go and get a drink but uh it’s point zero three okay so people are stressed out about taking out less than that then you know just just let them know sorry but this is just the way it is that’s how the system works and then what what is the withdrawal fee now again we know the fee is 8 percent guys we know that this is not going to be a discussion as to whether we like or dislike or agree or disagree it’s just it is what it is so you know there are ways to get around that fee I’m not going to get into this right now but what I mean by get around that fee is basically when you’re doing business and you’re actually building a business with TCC you can you can get around that fee also if you have a big team and you have some people that are just passive and they’re just wanting to get some some big point out of the system well there are some options you can you can tell them to hold on if they can be patient and the next time you have somebody come into the team that needs a hashed paid right you can have them send that person Bitcoin and then that person can use their Bitcoin inside to pay the hash as long as the other person’s in their downline right as long as the new member is also in that person’s downline in some capacity so you know there are ways to get around this so it’s better to problem solve together than to sit around and talk about why this fee is to I so let’s work on that together we can support each other and help people get around this because remember trade coin Club cannot change the comp plan for ten years guys that’s in the that’s in the terms in additions that we signed so you know the things that you don’t like they’re just going to be there but the things that we love and things that are so awesome and powerful about this system they’re also going to be there so we have this we know exactly what we have in front of us now we can make decisions as entrepreneurs if we want to move forward with the answers we have and make this thing work in the best possible way and that’s the choice I’m making so we can choose some problem-solving options for that as well so that’s it for those all right guys we’re moving right along we’re getting there hash payment let’s go ahead and just open this up cash payment three simple questions can I pay hash using the bitcoins on my wallets the answer to that is yes very simple okay I have some videos of my getting started page over here you go to the beginning you’ll notice there’s a video on X Pass and compounding that’s one way you can do that let me see if I can find it there you go using pay hash to fund a team members account that’s another way you can use your user wallets to to continue doing business and to help other people using your funds wallet that’s another way that you can use your funds wallet to pay a hash okay guys so there are there are different ways where you can use every single one of these wallets here to pay a hash what I would HIGHLY urge you to make sure you don’t do is to use your exchange wallet to pay a hash because then you’re depleting the amount that’s trading and you’re taking some of the life out of your business okay so don’t use the black wallet I always avoid the black wallet can I use more than one wallet to pay the same hash yes that’s also very easy to do when you when you do go here your back office and you add a financial hey hash it’s going to ask you to generate the hash when you go in there guys you can combine wallet so you want to put point 1 from the Commission’s you know and point 1 from the trade wallet if you have enough then what’s that going to add up to it’s going to add up to point 2 okay so if you have a point to hash that you want to pay you want to take a portion out of this wallet and a portion out of that wallet when you go to financial pay hash you will have the option to do that just make sure you’re typing it in below the wallets the appropriate amount and it will automatically add it up down below alright not going to get too much into that but how much profit can I make this is a good question that’s the question I’m asking myself I’m just going to possibly made so there is no guarantee and profit okay so that’s the simple answer just tell people there’s no guarantee okay you you can the system can make you as much as they can make you alright so the thing I love about this platform is that it’s consistent they don’t hold on to something for you know four or five days they’re constantly buying and selling tons of times throughout the day so they’re not looking for that homerun that one big homerun profit that they’re getting you consistent profits and they are controlling your risk as well so they’re they’re managing your potential loss so I prefer that over somebody promising me 5% a day and then within two months the business has gone away and we’ve seen that happen with many other companies a couple of which have tried to actually copy what trade coin Club has done but they didn’t actually have a real trading operation so let’s keep moving forward that’s it for that section I don’t see any questions so thank you guys you did appreciate it and hopefully been able to see my screen this whole time alright so the trade system is a little bit this is going to be the most extensive section after this I mean these five sections will take us a matter of minutes but this is the most extensive section okay so let’s get this going let’s keep pushing along just grab a quick drink of water alright so how can I set up my robot again guys I’m not going to go through this I’m just going to tell you to go to the getting started page it has a video in here turning on your auto trader there you go okay a little bit different language but same thing turn on your auto trader set up your robot talk to your robot get your robot going whatever whatever lingo you want to use get down with your robot alright so that’s that video do I need do I need activate my system every Monday so the answer is yes ok so I’m not even going to open that one up it’s yes there’s a let me open it up just to see what they say but it is yes ok so that’s all they said yes so yeah you need to reactivate it there’s a 24-hour window it starts at 5 o’clock Pacific Standard Time that’s California time on Sunday and it goes until the 24 hours later any time within that 24 hour window you can you can have to opt in again that’s if you want to opt in if you want to turn on your trade wheels and if you guys watch my recent video to kind of understand why I’m saying that because you do have an option to turn on your auto trader if you’re coming in 4.06 just to get in and start building a business you want to waste your contract time by turning on your trade wheels and trading on point zero one Bitcoin maybe not maybe you don’t want to turn on your trade yet maybe you want to wait until you get more Bitcoin into the system by building a team by can’t buy that compound by adding more Bitcoin from an outside wallet so it might be best that you wait to turn on your auto trader so just because you’re in this platform doesn’t mean you have to turn on your trade right away it’s not what that means there are different strategies and different priorities for different people so make sure you have a discussion with your sponsor and brainstorm as to when’s the best time to turn on your trade do I need to activate my system every Monday ok I’ve forgotten activating my system this Monday will I lose my trades no you’re not losing anything guys you’re just not using any of your your usage contract so you know let me another example let’s say you have a subscription to some sort of online marketing system right and you call them up and you let them know hey I don’t want to use it for this week so I’m going to put it on pause so they basically they stop charging your time and they put it on pause for you so you don’t have to use any of your subscription time well that’s the same thing that trade coin club is doing if you don’t turn it on it’s just on pause yeah you’re not using any of your time that’s all so you’re not going to lose any trades that’s one of the big misconceptions people think they’re losing you’re not losing you’re just not using any of your contract time you’re not using you’re not losing you’re not using we should make a shirt Justin think about that for a t-shirt you’re not losing you’re not using all right so I received all my trades bonus also I will receive the amount on the exchange back you got a question here where to my questions yeah I read on it thank you sir all right so I received all my trades bonus also I received the amount on my exchange back here it is guys right in black and white this is the question that has been causing so much havoc I guess you would call it so much stress for so many people so right there in black and white this has been in the FAQ for months and months so I’ve been telling people go through the FAQ go through the FAQ use it says right there no the total amount you have received on the trade wallet includes your initial deposit plus the earned profit so all that saying is that when we take Bitcoin and we put it into the exchange right and we turn on our our wheels right so we go over here on Sunday night or Monday afternoon and we’re double triple checking right guys we turn on our auto trader we are basically spending 30 seconds clicking a button and the company that has a lot of overheads is they have a staff they have brick and mortar they’re this multi-million dollar system all this stuff you know they are basically doing everything for us in terms of trading so what do they get to do they get to generate all these profits for us and they put it into the trade wallet right here on top of that we have the option of building a team and generating commissions and without the system I would not have a business right now so I didn’t spend three four years developing the system GCC and trained by trade did that not me right so I can’t coming in here and making my demands is not my place my place is to come in here as an entrepreneur and decide whether or not this platform is something that I like and that I can make that I can be successful with and if I decide that the answer to that question is yes then I come in here and I make it work I don’t make demands and I don’t decide what a system that’s been being produced for several years well I had nothing to do with it should be giving me that’s not my place my place is to know understand it and to make it work for me so that’s my take on that I think there another question here our for so that’s it guys everything you make back is going to be through the trading right if you’re just passive you’re going to get back everything that you put in guys plus your plus your profits all through trading and you get to spend 30 seconds once a week clicking a button and at the end of the year people like what they made well then they have the option to renew to reinvest and to continue and if you do reinvest the great news is that you get to keep your spot in the matrix right you get to keep your position in our incredible community so that’s another perk for that all right so let’s go here my license expired is it mandatory to renew no it’s not mandatory I just went over that it’s up to you if you want to continue with the company I mean that that would be basically some sort of some form of being in prison if they force you to renew that’s that’s not that’s not true and in any business I would hope not unless you’re under some sort of legal contract and once you complete your usage contract if it takes you two years to do that because you don’t turn your trade on every week that’s up to you but once you use that amount of time that you have in that contract then it’s up to you if you want to renew and thank you going what is a stoploss guys very simple a stop losses is the amount that they protect you from losing says right here it’s a tool to prevent you to put all your coins at risk okay so that’s all it does it just make sure you would never would never lose a large amount of coin and as I’ve seen we haven’t had any loss any days of losing because the transactions are so quick and the way that they trade is very conservative I would say because they’re buying and selling very quickly all right so I made five times my profit on commissions so I need to renew my account the answer is yes if you made five times what you deposited so again if you go here and you look at this total amount is one point two four right total amount deposited so five times that it’s going to be like six point two four whatever it’s going to be six point two two here we go it says right there it shows you guys a barometer once you hit that number it’s going to have you reinvest what is it going to have you reinvest well it’s going to have you reinvest the one point two four or five whatever this number is okay so that’s all it’s very very simple system you reinvest and then you continue trading and operating and nothing is lost you’re not going to lose your place in the matrix or any of that so it’s a very simple platform and as mentioned I do have a video in the getting started page I just showed you guys before where you can you can watch a full video on that why is my exchange wallet only showing F oh sorry no I just think I know what they’re going to say why if my exchange wallet values have changed okay so this is something that’s been coming up recently when you come in here and you deposit an amount of Bitcoin right total amount deposited let’s say somebody comes in and they put in one Bitcoin and the next day they decide that I can’t do this I need this money there’s an emergency well they’ll be able to take out half of that okay and what they’re showing you that number is going to be here remaining guarantee is this amount so that’s just showing you that they will guarantee to give you back half if you pull out before the contract is over that’s it and if you start making trade profits and making commissions and you start pulling those amounts out right and start using these wallets to pay hash doesn’t matter what it is anytime you’re moving money out of these other wallets it’s going to reduce it from the remaining guarantee amount okay so it’s really not that hard it’s not that difficult it’s just a it’s a very simple way that they’ve set up this platform which makes it sustainable guys it makes it so that way tomorrow if everybody decided to pull out the platform wouldn’t implode right so that’s that’s one of the reasons I like this because it’s making sure people understand their commitment to the system and it’s holding them to that and it’s also making people understand that the company has a commitment to you as well right they’re committing to you they’re telling you exactly what’s in front of you it’s 100% transparent and there are no questions about that but what confuses people is when they go to financial extract you go up here to financial extract they’re looking at their exchange law and they’re saying well where’s my Bitcoin a lot of people are seeing zero right there seeing zero right here and that that really upsets people and the reason they’re seeing it different in here than they are on the dashboard is because it’s showing in your financial extract what’s your remaining fifty percent guarantee that’s all but if you go back to your dashboard and you look at your operating value guys if they go down here you look at your operating value you’ll notice I think they’re missing some things in here today I’m not sure what’s up with this but you know you’ll notice that right here your exchange is 0.622 it’s the correct amount so that’s that’s what’s trading you’re still trading on the same amount that you put in that that hasn’t changed so people are getting confused because they’re thinking that when they go to their financial extract or they go to request a withdraw and they see that wallet exchange saying a big euro or it’s reduced from what they had put in they’re thinking that that means they have less in the exchange trading that’s not true the same amount is in their trading all right I’m glad we covered that why didn’t I receive my daily trade sometimes people ask us a bit too early it’s like I know I know that it comes through by May it by me and Colorado here at about 6:30 p.m. so some people will send me a message at like 4:30 and I let them know because it hasn’t come through yet okay so sometimes it hasn’t come through also sometimes it’s the weekend so they don’t they don’t trade on the weekends guys so crypto currencies markets are open 24 hours a day okay but we have human beings who need to sleep and see their families and have time off that are monitoring these systems so the human beings don’t trade 24 hours a day so that’s why we don’t trade 24 hours a day so I have heard people say you know trade coin club that’s that’s ridiculous the cryptocurrency markets are open 24 hours a day and it’s like yeah they are so if you want to trade on the weekends guys have at it because the cryptocurrency exchanges are open you can trade but you want to click a button and make profits well then that’s how it works with trade coin club so that’s basically the answer to that all right I think that’s it for the trade section we are almost done guys let’s go ahead and get to the career plan what do I need to do to qualify for the career plan let me actually go to the career plan section because it shows you in there so let’s go to my network guys to follow to find this you go to my network and then qualification plan alright and it says right here the score is not cumulative and it is reset every month okay so that’s really important so if it’s January 23rd when you start in reality you really only have 7 days to take advantage of this until the new month starts so it renews every month now I did think they had a bad an explanation in here I’m not sure where that went but essentially the career plan guys you want to get four people directly sponsored okay four people directly sponsored you want to make sure you each you have at least one person on your left and lump person on your right okay so for people directly sponsored one person on your left one person on your right you’re going to want that one person left and one person right anyways to qualify for the team bonus so that’s really important but as far as the career plan goes you just need four were direct it’s really that simple how much time do I have to qualify again starts on the first day until the last day of each month so it’s going to be kind of like a pro-rated type of situation where if you come in the end of the month you know it’s you’re really going to only have a couple of days to work on that for that month so it’s it basically each month and that’s each calendar month per my understanding right now X Pass reset guys this is very easy to do you want to reset your X pass right here it says you can easily change your X Pass following these steps it really baffles me that somebody called these FAQ is worthless I mean most of these are pretty clear you don’t have to be Inspector Gadget to decipher this but basically it says right here go to my profile and then when you go to countersign click forgot countersign but they pretty much just told you exactly what to do it’s very simple let’s go back and look at it go to my profile alright my Oh file and then you’ll notice right here these little tabs I can change my password I can change my counter sign whatever you want to do if you go to my counter sign your every time if you just start your account but this is all in my getting started page so I don’t want to get too much into this but you always want to just go here click here and then it will send it to your email okay now the counter sign that they send you guys you can use that it’s seven digits I believe it’s a seven digit number you guys can use that counter sign if you want to you don’t have to put a new one in so if you want to just keep the one they give you you’re good to go it’s that simple guys again another situation where you know clicking a button is all you need to do oh cool all right trade tax okay guys trade tax let me see if I have a question or just a witty comment Wow good stuff appreciate it bro okay so trade tax I did a video on this guys okay so let’s just see what it says about the trade tax and the fa Q’s a lot of words alright so let me just explain it in my own words because I don’t want to read this verbatim but essentially on your dashboard keep throwing up alleys trip up in your face man I’m sorry you guys can’t join me I’ll be there though just gotta give the other time okay so we’ll notice that there’s there’s some cycles here right cycle one cycle to cycle three how many days is in a cycle it’s 86 days that counts for four months right this is a full year if you’re in apprentice you get these two cycles if you’re a trader or a senior trader you get all three cycles right easy easy once you get to 86 days it’s going to take 25% of what they’ve made you okay guys so 25% of what they’ve made you just on trading just on trading is what the 25% tax refers to the most recent objection I’ve gotten was only the government’s allowed to take taxes your rights let’s use a different word because it’s not a tax it’s a profit sharing portion that’s what it is you get to keep temps 70s is wearing a membership Club the company keeps 25% so let’s just call it for what it really is it’s a profit sharing return is what it is so when you’re coming in here people that are there taking all their their trades out or their compounding or they’re using them to pay hashes and they’re not saving for that tax they’re they’re going to have to make sure they have that some way or another from an outside wallet in order to settle that balance so how do you know how much you’re going to pay the way that I like to look at it guys if you just go to financial extractor put a financial and financial extract this is a really cool page because you know you’ll notice that this person hasn’t really been doing any team building right you just most of what they’ve been earning is from the trading so just a passive earner but if you scroll down past the most recent transactions here and go down the bottom you’ll notice that they have different sections in each of these sections guys you can look if you click the little magnifying glass here you can look at the details of everything that’s been done so if you look at the daily receipt trade you can actually go back here click this button and you can look at every single profit that you’ve made through the trading pretty cool right yeah we did a little aetherium trade nice you know so those are all just trading profits but if you look at this collective number of 0.49 eight three two one one eight that’s telling you what’s been made so far just on trading so that’s we have that number now so now we know that if we take that number and we go back to the dashboard here it was point four nine eight right and this is kind of easy to track because you’ll notice that they have the total earnings right here and she hasn’t done any sort of marketing so that that’s the same number because the only thing she’s earned is through trading so basically easy rule of thumb is to take this amount and you can basically look at how many days you’ve been trading here and you can understand that if you add another twenty whatever day twenty two days to this to this first cycle and you can do some some cool math if you want to you can pretty much figure out exactly what you’re going to have to pay but but you can also wait until you get to 86 days once you get to 86 days and just go back to that daily receipt trade number and see what they’ve made you in the past 86 days and that will that will basically show you if you take twenty five percent of that what you’re going to have to pay back but instead of trying to do a bunch of funky math and worry about all that just make sure that you stop taking anything out of your trade wallet after 60 days so once that little cycle number reaches six zero do not touch the trade wallet again let it build up and build up and build up that way you don’t have to worry about coming out of pocket or you know convincing yourself that you will have it and then all of a sudden the time comes and you don’t have it because if you don’t have the amount here it’s going to take that 25% from here okay if it doesn’t have it from here then it’s going to generate a hash I’m not sure if it checks the funds wallet it might also check the funds law but if you don’t have it in any one of these free wallets it’s going to stop your your operation so you can’t make any money you guys you can’t make any Bitcoin we don’t want that and then it’s going to go ahead and generate a hash for you just like it does for the monthly the monthly fee so that’s pretty much it and again if that was confusing I got the easy fix for you guys basically I made a video in the getting started page about the tax and I think it’s under here we go I call it 25% cycle fees that’s really what it is okay take it out of trade well at every four months but here’s the video right here guys you can watch that I recommend you review that video all right good deal and I think we’re just about done with some what does the remaining guarantee we already went through that so we covered that boom guys we are done that was the entire FAQ section so really not that hard right if you think about all the all the stress that goes on about it it’s really not that difficult I think that this video was really good though to make sure that people have a resource that they can sit down and watch so we can understand exactly the entirety of this back-office platform so with that being said guys I’m going to stop the recording and now we’re going to do some QA s but for the training video purposes I am going to stop this recording and [Music]

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