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STEP 3> Join the Club

join trade coin club
If you have opened a wallet and got some bitcoin (at least 0.06 Bitcoin) you can now join Trade Coin Club.
Actually, you can register an account FREE (join Trade Coin Club) AT ANY TIME , even before you have opened a wallet or bought bitcoin …but you cannot activate the software or participate in the referral program until you have bought a contract to use the software (0.05 Bitcoin) and deposited enough bitcoin for the software to trade with (0.01 Bitcoin minimum).

To join TCC NOW simply join through your sponsors´ link which is here > JOIN NOW
If you still want to know more before you join you can …
  • return to the home page and watch the official presentation video or
  • use the comments section below to ask anything you wish or
  • get in contact with the person that referred you to this site.
Quick Note > The new TCC official website contains some terrible grammar and even the odd spelling mistake … it has only recently been updated so you will be seeing it warts-and-all before they make corrections. Just don´t let the obvious spelling errors put you off 🙂

When you join Trade Coin Club and get your software up and running, you will be making gains daily. If you then wish to accelerate the growth of your bitcoins, you can take part in the very lucrative referral program. We have some ideas and proven tips for you to follow in Step 4 > Build A Team
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