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STEP 2> Buy Bitcoin

buy and sell bitcoin
So you have a Bitcoin Wallet, now you need to understand how to buy bitcoin or sell bitcoin with the least hassle and at the best price.
All bitcoin is bought through a bitcoin exchange. This is basically a list of bitcoins wanted or for sale, each containing details of the asking price, quantity and accepted payment methods.
If you want to BUY bitcoin, you would enter a request as to how much you are looking to buy, at what price you are willing to pay and how you can pay for it (credit card, bank transfer, paypal, whatever).
If you want to SELL, you would enter a sell request listing the quantity, the price you are selling at and the payment methods you would accept.
What the exchange does is automatically match buyers with sellers that have the same price, quantity and payment methods criteria. Trades are then made (´executed´) automatically when these matches are made, meaning usually a quick transaction (usually just a few minutes).
Transactions are all confirmed by email and of course, by the transfer of bitcoin from/to your bitcoin wallet.

Which bitcoin exchange should I use to buy my first bitcoin ?

Again this is a complicated question to answer as it depends on the amount you are buying, where in the world you live, whether you want to pay by credit card, paypal or bank transfer. To make things easy for you, you can normally buy through a link shown in your bitcoin wallet.
Coinbase allows you to access bitcoin marketplaces (exchanges) directly. If you need more advice or assistance on how to buy bitcoin, ask below in the comments section OR as always, you can contact your sponsor,


When you have purchased some Bitcoin, the time has come to put it to work. OF COURSE you could just buy some bitcoin and then do nothing but hold onto it in the reasonable expectation of the massive price rises that experts are predicting over the next few years. After all, there are only ever going to be 21 Million bitcoins and the use of this digital currency is growing exponentially.
But take it from our experience, you will be watching the price of bitcoin fluctuating daily and will be stressing when the price falls (which it will from time to time!). With the Trade Coin Club software, you won´t be worried in the slightest as you make money every day, regardless of whether the market value of bitcoin rises or falls.
Naturally, you could buy as little bitcoin or as much bitcoin as you wish, whether it be $10 worth or $10 Million worth. In order to join TCC and get the trading software up and running you will need to deposit a minimum of 0.06 bitcoin and pay any transaction fees that your wallet charges for transferring bitcoin. For this reason we recommend that you purchase 0.061 bitcoin.
You can now join the Trade Coin Club and use the TCC Software to trade with other crypto currencies on autopilot…
STEP 3>Join Trade Coin Club
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