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STEP 4> Build A Team

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Build Your Team !
So by now, you should have seen the TCC software in action and be making daily gains in your account. If you are anything like us, you´ll be happy to tell the world about how glad you are that you chose to join TCC.
Now you can take action by building a team around you … and get paid handsomely for doing so.
Gone are the days where you would call up friends, family and work colleagues, invite them around to a meeting, bore them to death with a “hoo-rah” presentation and then ask them to sign up. Although those sort of methods DO actually still work, there are easier ways to build your team that, since the invention of the internet. top network marketers have been using with great success…
First you need a way to present the Trade Coin Club opportunity in a consistent manner. For that exact purpose THIS WEBSITE exists. All you have to do is get people to visit this website and they will see what TCC – and our team – has to offer.
No need to fear rejection, no need to fear public speaking or handing objections. The site does all that for you. Sometimes, you may get people join your team without any contact whatsoever. Other times you may have people that have a list of questions. Using our Facebook group, you can ask any question that you wish and tag your prospective member into the group and conversation.
Best of all, we have a system for you that will ensure that anyone who visits this website as a result of your invitation, will JOIN UNDER YOU in TCC. To achieve this is simplicity itself, you just send people a personalized link like this …
bitcoindaily.tips/id=YOUR TCC USERNAME
For example, the person that invited you to this website (your sponsor) has the username beepy1968 in Trade Coin Club, so the link that  your sponsor shared to get you here was :
When you use this link system, what will happen is that YOUR username will be shown on the SPONSOR DETAILS on the front page of the website and if anyone clicks on the link to join TCC, YOUR sponsor name details will show on the sign up form. Try it! (note, if it does not work, clear your cookies / internet history and try again)
how to make money bitcoin
There you go, you now have a complete resource for presenting the opportunity. Now all you have to do is get your link in front of people. Before we go any further and explain the best ways to do this, just a quick formula concept…
If you don´t invite anyone to look at the opportunity you will get ZERO new people in your team.
If you invite some people, you will get some join.
If you invite lots of people, you will get lots join.
Get it ? … it´s a numbers game.

You have options…. to build your team using internet marketing techniques can involve a lot of time and effort and a steep learning curve.
WE HAVE TRIED to make the process as easy as possible for you to learn and follow.
If you are the sort of person that is keen to try internet marketing for yourself, you will find the contents of the rest of this page to be informative, an eye opener for sure. The techniques that follow WILL and DO WORK but please remember that they are just a fraction of the available methods you can use to attract people to your team.
If you are the sort of person that would rather just have someone do it all for you, that is also possible. For that reason, we have put together a DONE FOR YOU complete traffic package on fiverr HERE. We don´t really make any money from offering this package, really all the work is just outsourced to trusted service providers that we have been using for years. _Anyway, that package allows you to quickly put your recruiting efforts on automatic. If you want to know how you can get started without cost and do things yourself, keep reading …

Inviting people that you know (optional but recommended)
Send a message to everyone on your…
Facebook friends list… cell phone contacts… email account … Linked In connections… Twitter followers list…
Something like this…
Hey Fred, I´ve joined Trade Coin Club and love it. I thought it might be of interest to you, so when you get a few minutes, take a look at it here (link). I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
Hey Fred, I have joined Trade Coin Club and love it. I was wondering if you could help me? If you can think of anyone that might like to know more about it, please pass on this message, thanks.

Inviting people on your “friends” list

Just post regularly on your social media accounts about how TCC is improving your wealth, lifestyle or both. Do this at least once per day on all your accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever) and always use an image post with text. You do not have to include your link on these posts as people that want to know more will contact you, for sure.
The idea is NOT to use a “hard sell” here, just to inform and generate interest. You could even simply post daily about the gains that you are making with TCC. Here are some great examples of posts that will attract your friends and followers to the opportunity…

power of you tube
Another great way of promoting your TCC business is simply to make a short video each day (you just need a smartphone). Start your own YouTube channel (free) called something like My Trade Coin Club Diary. Upload a short video each day of your experiences with TCC and the profits you are making with the robot, then copy your video onto your Facebook timeline.
Three major benefits of doing this …
  • People will see you making money daily … and sooner or later will want to know more.
  • 90& of people looking at TCC will do some research by looking around the internet. If they find your YouTube channel, they might join YOUR team.
  • It costs nothing and only takes a few minutes each day.

You should join our team Facebook group and make friends with EVERYONE in the group (send Facebook friend request). Your “social proof” will skyrocket, as will your belief and knowledge of TCC). You will also be seeing a lot more posts from like-minded people, ideas … the benefits of ´networking´in this way are just too numerous to list here. This group is relatively small as it is made up of a few active members and people looking at the opportunity.  When you join TCC we will add you to our team “members only” group TCC TEAM MEGA which has over 3,000 members.

Free Advertising On Facebook

If you invite SOME people to view the opportunity, you will get SOME people join and if you invite a LOT of people, you will get a LOT of people join…
Facebook Groups and Twitter have proven to work best for what you are about to learn. That does not mean that they are the only ways to advertise, far from it. The reason that they work so well is that you can get your message in front of a LOT of people for free, TODAY.
If you stick at it you will get a lot of traffic following your link (i.e. visiting this website) and a lot of sign ups as a result. These methods have worked for several years, for several different campaigns: selling amazon products, network marketing, affiliate offers, you name it.
Team members have created a number of advertising posts (“clickbait”) that have proven to work well. You can use these images and videos on your own posts, as often as you wish.
Just join any group on Facebook and post some ads on a regular basis and you will get some activity, it really is as simple as that.
Here are some examples of videos that we have created for you to use as clickbait. Just post the video link on Facebook with a title and your link— example > It´s so nice to earn money while you sleep! check it out here (link)
… this is a playlist so you can watch all the videos that you can use to promote TCC by leaving it running…

Please visit the team YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE to the channel in order to automatically see new videos (they will appear on your “suggested watch” list whenever you use YouTube). In addition could you please LIKE and COMMENT on the videos.

You will find more images ads, video promos and anything else our team develops for you here > Ready Made Social Media Content

… If you would like to see which adverts are currently being tested, OR you would like to test an advert post that YOU have designed, you can post it onto our facebook page to see what sort of reach / views / reactions it gets, prior to roll out of a larger campaign.

There is nothing to stop you from creating your own high-impact ads.

“advertising is the most fun that you can have with your clothes ON”.
If you need help with graphic design, ideas, layout, attention grabbing titles, whatever, fiverr.com is the go-to resource for ad design and many other things. ALL of the image ads and video promos on THIS page cost just $5 to make.
In addition, for $5 you wil be able to find someone on fiverr that will add you to hundreds, even thousands of facebook groups in just a few days. Choose a niche (e.g. work from home, networkers, whatever!) and you will have LOTS of groups to post into whenever you like. To take a look at fiverr, simply click on the image below.
click to visit fiver
click to visit fiver

Massive Free Traffic From Facebook on Autopilot

The more Facebook groups that you post into, the more traffic you will get to the site through your link. The problem is that it is very time consuming to find the right groups to post to, or groups with large numbers of members.
Even when you have joined lots of groups, you could spend all day posting to group after group just to get a decent amount of people clicking on your link.
Although this DOES WORK as a method of recruiting new members, you could spend just a few $ and put your Facebook marketing on total autopilot.
Again, this is a method that is proven to get results…
Step 1 : Find a lot of groups to join that have a large number of members (fiverr, $5)
Step 2 : Buy some facebook auto-poster software (anything from $10 one-off to $99 per month)
Step 3 : load up the software with lots of  posts  (only have to do this once) and click “GO”
There you go, your ads will be seen by several thousand people every day and you won´t have to do anything else whatsoever. You won´t have to pay for traffic, you won´t have to spend countless hours online posting into groups.
Example… You put 20 posts in the queue.This is a mixture of image posts and video promos, with your link included back to this website. You are in 100 facebook groups … so your autoposter software will post 20 x 100 = 2,000 posts at the push of a button. Of course, if you post into more that 100-150 groups per day, your account may be temporarily suspended from posting any more for a couple of days. To overcome this, you can normally set the limit on how many posts go out in any 24 hour period. You should start with 50 per day and increase by 5 per day until you reach 100 posts per day, per facebook account that you own.
There are lots of different auto-posters out there. You can buy a copy of one on fiverr for about $10. Or you can get one for free if you search the internet hard enough (or join various affiliate programs). There are even some excellent free cloud based services out there that you can use like buffer.com and several other services that charge anything up to several hundred dollars per month.

Our Choice of the best Facebook Autoposter Software HERE

Set it up once, forget it…Suffice to say, this combination of joining a large number of Facebook groups combined with a software that posts into those groups  … can get tens of thousands of website visitors every day, to multiple offers and products, all on autopilot.

Free Advertising on Twitter

If you have a twitter account you will love this. If you don´t have a twitter account, GET ONE!
It is recommended that you create a new Gmail account solely for this technique.You can then use that same Gmail to create multiple social media accounts later on.
How It Works : We use a “LIKE” Exchange. A Like Exchange is exactly what it sounds like. You LIKE someones post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever …. and in return, someone else will LIKE any one of your posts. This helps many online marketers to rapidly build up lots of “social proof” on their posts and, in some instances can make their posts go viral.
With this method we will perform LIKES on YouTube videos (to earn points) and then spend the points we earn on RETWEETS for our Twitter Posts. Every time our Twitter posts (Tweets) are retweeted, they get seen by another audience (i.e. our Tweet appears on the timeline of EVERYONE that follows the person that retweeted it). The more people that see the tweet, the more clicks (traffic to our link) it gets.
Step 1. Post an ad on ANY twitter account that you own. It can even be a brand new account with ZERO followers. Just make sure that the account profile is set up (has an avatar, a header banner and a profile description) and you´re ready to go.
Step 2. Copy the link address of each tweet that you wish to promote.
Step 3. Join addmefast.com here
The addmefast like-exchange allows anyone to list whatever social media account that they want signals for. Use your newly created gmail account to register with addmefast.
To add your tweets to addmefast, login > click on Add Site/Page…
Now you select “Twitter Retweets” for the TYPE of signal you want, then paste the tweet link that you copied earlier into the TWEET ID field and edit the tweet so that only the digits are showing. Finally select 5 POINTS to begin with where it says CPC (this is cost per click) and hit the SAVE CHANGES button. You can add as many tweets as you wish and can adjust the number of points you are willing to pay at any time, in order to increase or decrease the rate at which you get retweets.

You can click on the “MY SITES” button at any time to see how many retweets each post is getting. (You can add as many tweets / posts as you like !)
Step 4: Now you need to Earn some Addmefast Points for free.
The easiest and fastest way do accumulate lots of points quickly is to like other peoples Facebook posts or Youtube videos. You can do this manually or on automatic.
The manual way is simply to login to your YouTube or Facebook account, then from your addmefast dashboard (on their site) you just like 75 other peoples videos or posts in order to get the daily bonus of 500 points.
You should have earned about 500 odd points as well for liking enough posts to get the daily bonus, so let´s call it 1000 points per day total. This should take you only about half an hour.
Now, if you set the reward for people retweeting your twitter posts at 5 points, you will get 200 retweets … and quite a bit of traffic as a result.


Step 5: Automate.
You may be thinking that you DON´T want to have to spend half an hour every day building up points when you can get a robot to do it for you for free! …Unfortunately, the use of robots is against the terms and conditions of the like-exchanges. So, for information purposes only, this is how internet marketers go about abusing the system…
First they download and activate some free robot software
or something similar . It runs in windows and has no virus or malicious stuff. It contains an .exe file which is the program itself, which some antivirus software will warn about before downloading (just ignore any warning).
BEFORE starting up the program, the user makes sure that they are…
  • logged into a YouTube account (which may be an existing one or a new account opened with a brand new gmail address).
  • logged OUT of addmefast site.
Now the user would start the robot, enter their addmefast login details and click on the “youtube” button.That´s it … the robot will just continue to accumulate points all day, working in the background. After about 30 minutes to 60 minutes time, users should close the software (click on the X) and log in to their addmefast account, then click on DAILY BONUS for a free 500 point reward.
The software should have added about 500 points from performing YouTube clicks which along with the daily bonus means about  1000 points in total (enough to pay for, say, 200 retweets at 5 points each).
It only takes a minute or two each day to do this but it can easily result in hundreds, sometimes thousands of  website visitors for free. One could theoretically leave the robot running in the background 24/7 but users report best results from leaving it for about 1-3 hours daily in total.

So we have covered some quick and easy methods to build your team using Facebook and Twitter. Later we will add techniques for getting free traffic from Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Instagram and more.

If you have any questions or suggestions, have ideas that you would like to share or discuss, please do so below in the comments section OR in our team facebook group.
Good Luck and … GO FOR IT!

DISCLAIMER The methods shown here are not the opinion of every team member and the use of any methods shown here are solely at the discretion and liability of the reader. If you purchase the recommended Facebook Autoposter software we receive a 30% commission, which we spend on Fiverr to create more great social media ads and videos for all team members to be able to use.

You will find more images ads, video promos and anything else our team develops for you here > Ready Made Social Media Content

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