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Zero to Hero in Eight Months with Bitcoin … Here´s How …

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When I saw one of my long time Facebook friends Jon Tetreault posting about buying a brand new truck I thought, hey, good for you! … then I saw another post from Jon saying that he and his lovely wife were buying their first house … then another post showing family pictures at Disney … I thought Jon must have won the lottery!
Little did I know that this humble carpenter had actually been convinced to scrape together a few bucks and start investing in Bitcoin. This bitcoin beginner has a real story to share!

Just to put things in perspective, Jon went from ZERO in the bank to owning Bitcoin worth over $800,000 (and in less than a year) !

It was time to find out how he did it ! … this is what happened when some friends and myself got together at my place and got Jon on a conference call…
Hey Jon many thanks for giving us your time today, could we start by asking about your background ? And your journey over the last year or so ?
Sure, well I suppose it´s best to start with what I did for a living. I was a carpenter working long hours, literally building someone else´s dream. Then I started investing small amounts in Bitcoin. After just a short time I was able to quit my carpentry job (four months ago) AND my wife no longer works for someone else either. Now we work together, from home, building our own dream.
Rewards from our Bitcoin lifestyle … well in 2017 so far we have bought our first home and I bought a brand new truck that I´ve been wanting for ages. We have traveled to many countries for vacations as well, including Jamaica, Belize and Ireland. And we will be vacationing in Thailand in November. We have the freedom to enjoy life with our family. Its nice to earn bitcoin in our sleep!
When did you decide to get involved with Bitcoin ? Could you tell us a little about how it all started for you ?
It all started about two an a half years ago. My wife was managing the finances and began to put a percentage of our income into IRAs and other mutual funds. I would get statements in the mail showing me very poor performance… you know how it is. At around the same time, I began following a few friends online and their experiences with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.
I was interested because I felt passionately that there was something wrong with our current financial system. I learned all that I could about bitcoin for the next few months. No matter what I learned, I just kept coming back to wondering why any sane person would put all of their retirement savings into a currency (USD) that loses its value over time due to the printing of more money (inflation).
Bitcoin is an inflation proof currency that cannot be controlled by central banks or governments. To me it was a no brainer! Back then bitcoin was $300-$400. Today it is trading at well over $4000 and is forecast to treble in value over the next three years. When the richest people in the world, the most savvy investors in the world and yes, even the financial institutions started investing in bitcoin, well, that was the sign to sit up and pay attention.
What was the first big breakthrough for you ? How did it all start coming together ?
I had made SOME money in the trading of digital currencies but I had also lost some money as well. It´s a risky business for the inexperienced. My first big break through was about 8 months ago when Trade Coin Club was created. I knew I was onto a winner that moment I found out about it and registered as a member immediately.
The way that Trade Coin Club worked allowed me to finally see positive, consistent bitcoin gains day after day after day, through the automated trading of bitcoin and other top digital coins.
As a bitcoin beginner with little to no risk on my investments (the software comes with a “STOP LOSS” function), their trading software took the investing part out of my hands and almost guarantees daily gains on autopilot, leaving me to do nothing but check my profit at the end of each day.
Although members can join as passive bitcoin traders with Trade Coin Club, they do have an optional referral program. Being as my “robot” was doing all the trading and making me profits in my sleep, I was so so exited that I began sharing the news of my experiences with every one of my friends and family! Now we are ALL making it happen, big time! … basically I got about sixty odd people into using Trade Coin Club, mainly through just talking about bitcoin on my Facebook account.
Well, those people all started making daily profits, so you can probably guess what happened next… those people started telling the world about their success (like me, they could not help themselves)… step forward a few months and this has turned into several thousand people in my “team”, each of whom earns me a tiny fraction of a bitcoin each day. This adds up very, very quickly, believe me.
Ah … so it is a pyramid type of thing right ?
No, the referral program is just that, you refer others to the club (really, the software) and as they use it, you get paid. You also get paid several generations of indirect referrals, so really it is most like a network marketing program only much easier. A lot of people join just so that they can run with the software and nothing else but I admit, now we are seeing a lot more internet marketers and networking pro´s jumping on the train too.
Could you tell us more about the financial rewards … come on, how much are we talking about really …
Since I joined TCC my life has changed so much! From a bitcoin beginner to successful trader so quickly!
I am humble by nature and do not like to brag. Publicly people know that I’ve made life changing money with TCC and I’m not the only one whose life has changed. Bottom line is that this system works both on the passive investing side and also on the networking side.
What advice would you give for someone just starting out with bitcoin investing ?
My advice would be to learn all you can about bitcoin and blockchain technology. Buy as much as you can right now while we are still ahead of this trend. Even if you only have $50 to invest, I would urge you to give it a go. Stay away from programs that promise unrealistic returns, most of them are just Ponzi schemes anyway. Real investment companies cannot guarantee a fixed or promised return. That´s what I really like about TCC. They are realistic. We are all seeing positive bitcoin gains daily through millions of micro-trades that a human just could not possibly keep up with.
Do you think people can still make money with TCC ? If so, what advice would you give to someone just joining ?
Yes absolutely! There is definitely money to be made with TCC! Whether you are a bitcoin beginner or seasoned investor my advice to someone just joining would be to study the system and learn it. Read the FAQ. Ask questions. We have videos and written guides on everything. Also, we have weekly training webinars and our own Facebook groups where everyone is encouraged to join in. Did I mention that it´s free to register with the club and look around the system from the inside ?
What do you like most about TCC ?
I like that everyone can make money here. A real company, real trading and real earnings.
What do you like least ?
I would have to say that what I love least is that TCC causes sleep deprivation! Its hard to sleep when your so excited about the system.
How do you see the future ? What opportunities and challenges do you think you will face ?
I really try to live in the moment. I see myself and my family traveling the world enjoying the bitcoin lifestyle, whilst sharing my experience and helping others to begin to see the possibilities through bitcoin and TCC. The opportunity to effect a greater change in people’s lives is the real challenge, which I welcome.
So what do you think the next 12 months will be like for you ?
The next 12 months will be exciting and full of many new experiences. I´m just a regular guy you know? This financial freedom is very new to me. I think over the next 12 months we are going to see a lot of bitcoin millionaires being made. In the USA, Trade Coin Club has already created 100 of them.
Any closing words of wisdom ?
Yes. Do not let fear or ignorance hold you back from getting involved with bitcoin and TCC. I took a risk 2 years ago that ended up forever altering the course of my life. I have been set financially free by the power of Bitcoin and Trade Coin Club … and I look forward to helping you guys do the same !
Since this conference call, all of those present have joined TCC and are making money! We created this website so that people we invite can take a look in depth at the Trade Coin Club Opportunity and get the best possible start a bitcoin beginner can get. Thanks for visiting and …take a look around the site!
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