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Best Bitcoin Wallets For 2016

in this short video I want to talk about my current recommendations for a Bitcoin wallet relevant to mid 2016 bitcoin is a fast changing arena and therefore regular updates are a good idea because you never know what’s new on the market and what’s being proven to be good over time now when I talk about Bitcoin wallet I’m only going to refer to Bitcoin wallets where you control the private key in other words where it’s in your position there are other types of wallets coin base and circle and Zardo and a few others which provide a custodial service but you have to recall and remember that these are third party services and therefore you do not control the private key and ultimately they control your fan so I’m only going to talk about while it’s where you completely control the Bitcoin in your position and I’m going to keep us in book I’ve got four to recommend now my first recommendation is grid one up for smartphone until recently only available on the iPhone but now in open beta on Android this is a really simple wallet and I certainly recommend that if you like to operate from a smartphone what’s something which is completely simple to use uncomplicated and also very secure the ingredient Welles’s for you and I should also mention that the four wallets I’m going to talk about are all basically what they use is a seed phrase sometimes twelve sometimes 24 words which you simply copy down somewhere and if ever you lose your phone or you forget anything to do with your wallet you simply restore your wallet using this C phrase and therefore everything comes back as at once so it’s a great security measure and these wallets all have the same technology where you can restore so I’ve read well as my choice for smart phone now a new one on the market which I’ve been playing around with it’s called jacks it’s really good it’s very simple the the defining characteristic here is that it actually has the intention to end multiple crypto currencies currently it does have big coin theorem and the Dow but they are going to and more and I assume there’ll be the most popular ones so therefore it’s a useful wallet but what’s even more interesting is that you can actually with a integration with shape-shift you can do conversions between the currencies in your wallet using the integrated instant conversion exchange really so that’s a great idea I recommend and this is available on the desktop and you can also download smartphone version and you can have the two linked to each other so you can watch one or the other an old favorite of mine don’t use it is an interim it’s been around for a while it’s a great little wallet it’s fast has the same seed ability to restore on any sort of corruption or loss and so therefore electrum remains one of my favorites it’s good and stable and certainly worth getting available for all different platforms if you go to the downloads you’ll see that you can download according to what you’re using windows it looks a Mac OS or Android nothing available for smartphone for iPhone on that particular point and lastly and certainly not leastly trayzell now trace or is the wallet of choice if you want the ultimate security and when I when I what I recommend really is if you’ve got any reasonable amount of money in each substantial amount of funds in Bitcoin then definitely you want to have a trace or one there’s a hardware wallet what that means is this device is where your private key is and it allows you to keep the private key completely offline and allows you to authorize transactions on the trays or wallet website but you can only authorize them with this particular device now obviously it’s not cheap as $99 but it’s a small price to pay if you have something to protect and with trays or like with the other wallets if you lose that device you can restore admittedly you have to buy another trayzell but you can restore your trays or wallets with the same idea of a 20 in this case of 20 forward key frames so that’s my pick okay so you’ve got bread wallet for smartphones you’ve got the upcoming the latest version of wallets with Jax multi cryptocurrency for smartphones also and also desktop electron for desktop or operating systems and also Android and trace all of course which can work with any device because you plug it in through the USB port and can access the trayzell website so thanks for watching and I hope that helps

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